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NEW! IdentityForce
The New York State Association of REALTORS takes your security very seriously and recognizes that identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with IdentityForce, a leader in identity protection, to offer NYSAR members discounted access to a proven solution for safeguarding your personal information.

What you get with IdentityForce:
Continuous monitoring of your personal information, public records and more.
Instant notification when your identity, privacy or credit are at risk.
Daily 3-bureau credit monitoring. Reports and scores available.
24/7 fully managed restoration services from Certified Protection Experts.
Nationwide identity theft insurance policy up to $1 million.

As medical identity theft becomes more prevalent, it's important to understand how it happens, and what you can do to prevent it. Click here for access to a white paper designed to answer some of the most common medical identity theft questions. Click here for more information on medical ID theft from IdentityForce. 
Take advantage of special member pricing on:


Plus, protect your children’s identities by adding on the optional ChildWatch for an additional $2.75/month or $27.50/year. 
Don’t wait to fall victim to identity theft, let IdentityForce start protecting you today!
Visit for more information and to enroll.

Are you concerned with the recent Equifax data breach? Learn more: 
Equifax breach impacts 143 million: Steps to keep your identity protected
Tips for data breach victims

Taxbot Mobile App

Keep more of your commissions through tax deductions! The Taxbot mobile app offers you the ability to track business mileage and expenses with your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet and turn those expenses into IRS compliant tax deductions. 

Using Taxbot, NYSAR members can:

• Track mileage with GPS for multiple vehicles.
• Instantly scan and store receipts.
• Track expenses for multiple businesses.
• Eliminate paperwork with cloud storage.
• Run customized reports.
• Integrate banking and credit cards for easy tracking.
• Watch your savings pile up with the deductions calculator
• Access expert tax advice and tax training tools.

Join other Taxbot users who are already saving thousands in newly-found tax deductions!

Click here to watch a video about the Taxbot app!

SAVE 50%
Member code: NYSAR

NYSAR members can now also download Taxbot's free ebook, "Targeted Tax Breaks," in which you can learn: how to get free gas; how to turn meals into money; how to claim a home office; how to deduct medical expenses; and more! Click here to download today. 

TransUnion SmartMove

Provide additional value to clients who need to rent out their properties. TransUnion SmartMove is an easy, comprehensive and reliable web-based tenant background check. Designed specifically for independent landlords and REALTORS working on their behalf, SmartMove offers access to a full credit report, criminal report, customized leasing recommendation and suggested deposit amount to request at lease signing. By telling your clients about SmartMove, you’re giving them the screening solution they need and they’re getting what they want – the right tenants.

Other benefits of TransUnion SmartMove: 

  • Quick access—no waiting for approval, no additional documentation.
  • Flexible terms—pay-per-use, no set-up fees, no minimums.
  • Choice of who pays—you or the renter.
  • Peace of mind—sensitive tenant information is kept private.

  • Save $5 per online credit and criminal tenant screening
    Member code: NYSAR123

    Need further assistance? Call TransUnion Customer Support at 866-775-0961.

    PossibleNOW’s DNCQuickcheck

    DNCQuickcheck is a comprehensive Internet-based service that addresses all of the Do Not Call regulatory requirements to ensure that you are in compliance and avoid fines. With this affordable, easy-to-use solution, designed for individuals or branch offices, you can instantly verify phone numbers prior to placing any calls, manage your company’s DNC list, get trained on the DNC laws and much more to assist with a safe harbor defense.

    Discount: Save 50% off the standard monthly fee. Cover unlimited agents in an office for $100/month; 
    cover additional offices for just $50/month.
    Member Code: SC1477NY

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