Staff Directory


Chief Executive Officer

Duncan R. MacKenzie
518-463-0300 x300

Board and Member Services

Patrick Reilly
Vice President of Member and Board Services
518-463-0300 x206

Anne Groski
Member and Board Services Assistant
518-463-0300 x206

Contact NYSAR Member Services for questions concerning NAR's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice along with arbitration and mediation. Member Services also handles Leadership Training.


Salvatore I. Prividera, Jr.
Director of Communications
518-463-0300 x308

Ciara Hassenpflug
Communications Coordinator
518-463-0300 x207

Contact NYSAR's Communications Department with concerns regarding any of the association’s publications, both print and online, as well as website issues, including navigation, updating your free webpage and/or content concerns. The communications department also handles monthly housing statistics and any media/advertising inquiries.

Divisions / Administrative

Ali Mann
Director of Divisions
518-463-0300 x203

Pam Morrison
Adminstrative/Divisions Assistant
518-463-0300 x202

NYSAR's Divisions/Administrative Department handles all adminstrative responsibilities for the chief executive officer. The department also handles all questions concerning the New York State Society of Real Estate Appraisers (NYSSREA) and the NYSAR Housing Opportunities Foundation.


Priscilla Toth
Director of Education
518-463-0300 x318

George Guarino
Education Assistant
518-463-0300 x219

Shenita Daniels
Education Manager/Registrar
518-463-0300 x220

Irene F. Saulsbery, CMP
Meeting Coordinator
518-463-0300 x235

Charlene Craig
Education Assistant
518-463-0300 x212

Contact NYSAR's Education Department with questions concerning registration for educational offerings along with questions concerning course locations, dates and/or times. The education department also handles issues with designation courses.


Libby Rentz
Vice President of Finance and Chief of Staff
518-463-0300 x210

Erica Means
Accounting Assistant
518-463-0300 x213

Staci Fecura
Accounting Assistant
518-463-0300 x211

NYSAR's Finance Department handles local board/association dues billing along with accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Government Affairs

Michael Kelly
Director of Government Affairs
518-463-0300 x217

Derick King
Political Affairs Coordinator
518-463-0300 x238

Leanne Little
Government Affairs Assistant
518-463-0300 x217

Blaise DiBernardo, Esq.
Government Affairs Coordinator
518-463-0300 x216

NYSAR's Government Affairs Department works on behalf of New York's REALTORS at the state Capitol, lobbying for the pasage of legislative measures that would benefit real property owners and those in the real estate industry and against measures that would negatively impact the industry. The Government Affairs Department also handles issues concerning the REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC).

Information Technology

Austin Moran
Director of Information Technology
518-463-0300 x214

Sean Dowling
Network Coordinator
518-463-0300 x234

Connie Benedetto
Information Technology Assistant
518-463-0300 x223

The Information Technology Department at NYSAR handles questions concerning Internet Member Services.

Legal Services

S. Anthony Gatto, Esq.
Director of Legal Services
NYSAR Legal Hotline

NYSAR members can receive free legal information by contacting the Legal Hotline, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Kristen Egelston Director of Marketing
518-463-0300 x229

The Marketing Department is responsible for the development of NYSAR’s member communications pieces and Triple Play promotional materials, managing NYSAR’s affinity partnerships and conducting free webinars. The Marketing Department also manages NYSAR Real Estate Services, Inc., NYSAR’s wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary, and NYSAR’s Young Professionals Network.

Membership Records

Mary Hogan
Membership Assistant
518-463-0300 x204

The Membership Department at NYSAR fields questions regarding membership status, along with the updating of contact information, including changes in office affiliation.

General Inquiries

Ashley Marks
NYSAR Receptionist
518-463-0300 x0