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NYSAR members can take advantage of cash back rewards with Energy Plus

Jul 24, 2013
Did you know that the word “energy” comes from the Greek term "energeia," which means activity? Energy Plus® advocates the sharing of interesting facts about energy innovation because it reminds them of how much the energy industry has evolved. For example, Thomas Edison built the first U.S. power plant in 1882 and it only powered 85 buildings.* Energy innovation continues today and Energy Plus is leaving its own mark on the energy industry through its special Cash Back rewards program. 

When you enroll your home with Energy Plus, you will receive a $25 enrollment bonus after two months of active service and 3 percent cash back annually on the supply portion of your electric bill. You can even enroll your business’ electric account for a $50 enrollment bonus and 5 percent cash back on the supply portion of your annual electric bill. Earn an additional 3 percent cash back annually and a $25 enrollment bonus after two months of active service when you choose to enroll your home’s natural gas account. Stop missing out on what you deserve and start earning cash back rewards with Energy Plus.**

Enrolling with Energy Plus is easy. There are no monthly service fees, cancellation fees, or long-term commitments. In fact, nothing about the way your electricity and natural gas service is delivered will change. Your utility company will continue to deliver your energy, mail your bill, read your meter and handle any service emergencies. Energy Plus makes using energy an exciting and worthwhile experience. To be eligible, you need a service address in New York that is within their service area.

Click here to enroll today.

*Source: "55 Interesting Facts About . . . Energy." Random Facts. Random, n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013. <>.

**Terms and Conditions apply. See important disclosures and Terms of Service for full details, which can be found online via the Energy Plus enrollment website.
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