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Survey finds homeownership is top priority for military families

Dec 03, 2013
According to a recent Century 21 survey, for 75 percent of military families, owning a home is one of the most important things to them upon returning from service. 

Among the reasons that becoming a homeowner is so significant to veterans are a desire to have their own residence (73 percent), establishing a household (43 percent) and financial security (36 percent). In addition, the majority of veterans (88 percent) indicated that owning a home makes them feel safer. 

When asked what the top amenities or features they are looking for in a home, survey respondents said space outweighed specific features with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as the clear frontrunner. 

The survey found that while one roadblock veterans face in the pursuit of homeownership is securing steady employment, they display a generally positive attitude in regards to potential employers and positions. 

To read the entire Century 21 press release, click here.
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