2018 NYSAR Leadership Academy


Polish your leadership skills, raise your profile and gain valuable experience. Click here for a flyer with more information. The online application can be found at the end of the program description information. 

The NYSAR Leadership Academy will help you:

• Connect with your industry peers and leaders.
• Refine your strategic and organizational capabilities.
• Discover new strategies for professional and personal success.
• Establish effective procedures for goal-setting and problem-solving.
• Develop a better understanding of industry and association issues.


The Leadership Academy consists of five retreats held across New York State over the course of five
months. Through a variety of teaching methods, participants will learn: leadership skills including conflict resolution; communications; working with various demographics; REALTOR association operations
at all three levels; legal issues; legislative advocacy; team building;and much more.

Recognizing the need to identify and nurture strong future leaders, the New York State Association of REALTORS established the Leadership Academy in 2007. This advanced leadership program provides member participants with a unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills and prepare to provide meaningful contributions to the three-tiered REALTOR organization, their business and community, while also enriching their personal and professional lives.

Objective and Program Overview: 

The objective of NYSAR’s Leadership Academy is to discover, educate and empower future leaders. The content aims to help participants realize the leader within and focuses on the past, present and future of the association as well as a leader’s role serving the greater good of the association. Graduates come away with life-long friendships, a strong referral network and a real sense of accomplishment. While the Leadership Academy strives to provide a path to association service and leadership, participating does not guarantee graduates future leadership positions within the association.

Participation and Selection Criteria

Any full-time NYSAR REALTOR member in good standing who has been in the business for at least three years as of January 15, 2018 should consider applying.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15. Participants will be selected based solely upon the information that is supplied on the application. Efforts will be made to select participants who will represent a cross-section of the profession as well as the diversity of the association. Consideration is given to business specialty and geography.

Application Procedure

Complete the application below before January 15, 2018 at 5 p.m. EST.  Questions may be sent to NYSAR Vice President of Board & Member Services Patrick Reilly at If it’s determined that the application is incomplete, you will receive a notification email. 

2018 NYS Association of REALTORS Leadership Academy Application

Application Questions

Please include your role as it relates to real estate. For example, indicate if you are an agent, broker or work on a team.
Please include names of schools, location, field of study, years attended and degrees awarded.
Please include any special awards or citations as well as specific examples of your leadership experience.

Your Commitment

To graduate from the New York State Association of REALTORS Leadership Program, a participant is expected to attend ALL sessions. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks are included for all sessions. Hotel stay for overnight retreats are included in the program free. Transportation to and from the retreats is not included. A deposit of $500 is required. The fee to participate is $1,500. Applicants who are not accepted into the academy will receive their deposit back. Those who are accepted and subsequently drop out will forfeit their deposit. Full tuition payment is due by February 10, 2018.
Letters of Recommendation 2
Please upload two letters of recommendation.
Letters of Recommendation 1
Please upload two letters of recommendation.
Your Headshot
Please upload your current headshot photograph.

2018 Leadership Academy Retreat Dates

Retreat 1: March 1- March 3, Thayer Hotel, West Point

Retreat 2: April 22 - April 24, Hampton Inn, Albany

Retreat 3: June 20 - June 22, Gould Hotel, Seneca Falls

Retreat 4: July 26 – July 28, Radisson Hotel, Corning

Retreat 5: October 11 – October 13, Embassy Suites, Saratoga Springs

Submit Application

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