The All-New Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI) 

The all-new Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI) is the foundation for your success. It is designed to: increase your productivity; reduce your risk; maxmize your resources; provide solutions to your toughest challenges; and more. 

If you've already started your GRI, don't worry, the new program was designed to offer equivalency credit to continue on the path to completing this cornerstone designation. 

 If you've passed:   You don't need to take:  
GRI-1 Ethics
 RI407 GRI-2 Business
 RI402 GRI-3 Agency
 RI402 GRI-4 Legal
 RI401 GRI-5 Buyers
 RI401 GRI-6 Sellers
 RI405 OR RI406 GRI-7 Property
 RI408 GRI-8 Technology

Already an experienced REALTOR? Call NYSAR at 800.239.4432 to discuss testing out and transfer credit options. 

To apply for your Graduate REALTOR Institute designation (GRI), once you've satisfied all the requirements, contact NYSAR directly at 800-239-4432. Please note that a $25 application fee applies.

Already a GRI? Take a refresher with the latest information for just $50 (includes CE). 

Course descriptions and schedule:

GRI-1 Ethics
Capitalize on what sets REALTORS apart from real estate licensees. Satisfies NAR's mandatory quadrennial ethics training requirement and is a must for Professional Standards Committee members and local board leadership. Discover how to:

  • Put the Code of Ethics to work for you.
  • Maximize your REALTOR benefits.
  • Enhance your professionalism and your career through community involvement. 

Upcoming classes include:

  • January 29 in West Babylon
  • March 07 in Corning
  • April 09 in North Syracuse
  • April 16 in Rochester

Register online or click here for a registration form. 

GRI-2 Business 
Take your business to the next level and gain market share. Provides the building blocks to:

  • Create an effective business plan. 
  • Build support structures using assistants and teams.
  • Prospect successfully and tap into niche markets.
  • Develop policies to avoid risk. 

Upcoming classes include: 

  • February 21 in Woodbury
  • February 25 in Albany
  • April 10 in Amherst
  • June 07 in West Nyack
  • June 20 in Rochester
  • September 12 in Corning
Register online or click here for a registration form. 


GRI-3 Agency
Provide effective, legal and ethical client representation Offers in-depth coverage of:

  • All forms of agency representation, associated issues and proper disclosure.
  • How to avoid the risk of misrepresentation, vicarious liability and breach of fiduciary duties.

(Satisfies New York State two-hour agency coursework requirement.)

Upcoming classes include:

  • September 03 in West Babylon
  • October 23 in Syracuse
  • December 10 in Rochester

Register online or click here for a registration form. 

GRI-4 Legal
Reduce your risk of claims, fines and lawsuits. Gain a complete understanding of:

  • Advertising that is legal and ethical.
  • Contracts, forms, deposits, disclosures and record retention.
  • Risk management strategies.
  • Title insurance and settlement procedures.

Upcoming classes include:

  • April 09 in Woodbury
  • May 02 in Hudson
  • September 09 in Albany
  • September 12 in Amherst

Register online or click here for a registration form. 

GRI-5 Buyers
Demonstrate your value to buyers from listing to closing. Satisfies NYS Fair Housing training requirement for license renewal. Learn strategies to:

  • Secure more buyer clients.
  • Guide buyers through the process from pre-qualifying to closing.
  • Assure Fair Housing compliance.
  • Keep you, your clients and customers safe. 

(Satisfies New York State two-hour agency coursework requirement.)

 Upcoming classes include:

  • March 12 in Riverhead
  • September 09 in Poughkeepsie
  • October 23 in Albany
  • November 20 in Amherst
Register online or click here for a registration form. 

GRI-6 Sellers

Represent seller clients in a way that keeps them coming back. Get a competitive advantage with strategies to:

  • Gain more listings.
  • Get clients to price to sell.
  • Enhance your marketing.
  • Avoid Fair Housing violations and safety concerns.

    (Satisfies New York State two-hour agency coursework requirement)

Upcoming classes include:

  • April 30 in Woodbury
  • September 18 in White Plains
  • October 22 in Hudson
Register online or click here for a registration form.  

GRI-7 Property 

Learn about all the factors impacting value and close more deals. Discover the myriad elements that affect property value including:

  • Types of housing.
  • Appraisals and inspections.
  • Neighborhoods and amenities.
  • Energy efficiency and environmental issues.
  • Lender requirements, and much more!

Upcoming classes include:

  • March 06 in Albany
  • September 16 in West Babylon
  • October 03 in Goshen
Register online or click here for a registration form.  

GRI-8 Technology = e-Pro Day 1

Discover the latest tools to streamline your business and exceed client expectations. Learn how to be mobile and paperless in your real estate practice with tips on: 

  • Transaction management tools.
  • Internet advertising and syndication.
  • E-marketing and social media.
  • Automation hardware, software and apps.

Upcoming classes include:

  • February 26 in Staten Island
  • September 10 in Syracuse
  • November 19 in Woodbury

Register online or click here for a registration form.  

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