REALTORS Political Action Committee Donor Recognition - 2018

The REALTORS Political Action Committee cannot be successful without the financial support of REALTOR members. Your contributions support federal, state and local lawmakers who share the REALTOR commitment to promote homeownership and private property rights.

On behalf of New York's 55,000 REALTORS, RPAC of New York thanks the following members for being major donors in 2018.

Platinum "R" Program ($10,000)
Golden "R" Program ($5,000)
Crystal "R" Program ($2,500 to $4,999)
Sterling "R" Program ($1,000 to $2,499)
RPAC of New York Hall of Fame
Presidents Club ($500 to $999)
Capitol Club ($250 to $499)
NAR President's Circle

Platinum "R" Program ($10,000)
The membership requirement is a one-time $10,000 RPAC contribution. A contribution of $5,000/$2,000* annually sustains a National Platinum R membership.

  • Dorothy_Botsoe_2018_web Dorothy Botsoe, Hudson Gateway 
  • Debbie_Gilson_web Debbie Gilson, Jefferson Lewis
  • Haggerty Richard_Updated_web Richard Haggerty, Hudson Gateway
  • Tessa Hultz Tessa Hultz, Long Island
  • Nancy Kennedy_Updated2015_WEB Nancy Kennedy, Hudson Gateway
  • Paul Kennedy_web Paul Kennedy, Hudson Gateway
  • Michael Schmelzer_rev Michael Schmelzer, Bronx-Manhattan North
  • NYSAR LOGO 1 New York State Association of REALTORS
  • 27614 NYSAR_RealEstateServices_2Color_web NYSAR Real Estate Services, Inc.
  • Golden "R" Program ($5,000)
    The membership requirement is a one-time $5,000 RPAC contribution. A contribution of $2,000/$1,000* annually sustains a National Golden R membership. RPAC of NY thanks:
  • DawnCarpenter_2017 Dawn Carpenter, Staten Island
  • Coughlin RPAC pic_web Michael Coughlin, Clinton County
  • Daniel Davies  Daniel Davies, Southern Adirondack
  • John_Gerace_Web John Gerace, Greater Rochester
  • susangoldy Susan Goldy*, Bronx Manhattan
  • maxgurvitch_rev Max Gurvitch*, Brooklyn
  • MargaretHartman002_web Margaret Hartman*, Buffalo Niagara
  • Dorothy Herman_web Dorothy Herman, Long Island
  • Buddy Hoosein_web Buddy Hoosein, Long Island
  • david_legaz_web David Legaz, Long Island
  • DonnaLittlefield_web Donna Littlefield, Buffalo Niagara
  • DuncanMacKenzie Duncan MacKenzie, NYSAR
  • Thomas McCarthy_web Thomas McCarthy, Long Island
  • moses-s_web Moses Seuram, Long Island
  • yoshi takita Yoshi Takita, Long Island
  • Jennifer_Vucetic2015_web Jennifer Vucetic, Greater Capital
  • Wonica George_rev George K. Wonica*, Staten Island
  • BNAR Logo Buffalo Niagara Association of REALTORS
  • CNYIS Logo Final 2015_web Central NY Information Services, GSAR
  • GCAR_logo_webGreater Capital Association of REALTORS
  • HGMLS_logo_RGBHudson Gateway MLS
  • GRAR_Logo_FINAL-01Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS
  • Logo_Square_Legislative_Protection_For_Your_BusinessLong Island Board of REALTORS
  • MLSLI . Long Island MLS
  • SIMLS_logo_2016_transparentStaten Island MLS
  • 1493927070-grar-unyreis_logo_finalUpstate NY REIS, GRAR
  • WNY RESI.MLS_Logo2017ƒWNY Real Estate Services, BNAR

  • *Pledges

    Crystal "R" Program ($2,500 to $4,999)
    The membership requirement is a one-time $2,500 RPAC contribution. A contribution of $1,500 annually sustains a National Crystal R membership.  

  • Nina Amadon_web Nina Amadon, Greater Capital 
  • Jeff Decatur_web Jeff Decatur, Greater Capital
  • CJ_DelVecchio_headshot_2018_website CJ DelVecchio, Ithaca
  • jp_endres_fein_web_version J.P. Endres, Hudson Gateway
  • Liz English Lisbeth English, Long Island
  • Lin Fields 2013_web Lin Fields, Jefferson Lewis
  • Nick Gomez2017_web Nick Gomez, Long Island
  • Linda Lugo new for 2016 lowres Linda Lugo, Long Island
  • Angela Mead_web Angela Mead, Southern Adirondack
  • Nancy Mosca_web Nancy Mosca, Long Island
  • Ann Marie Pallister Ann Marie Pallister, Long Island
  • Linda Page_2014_web Linda Page, Columbia Greene
  • J_Rose_web Jacque Rose, Otsego-Delaware
  • Kenny Kamil Sattaur (002) Kenny Kamil Sattaur, Long Island
  • Joe Sinnona 2017 Updated_web Joseph Sinnona, Long Island
  • Mike Smith_2012_web Mike Smith, Greater Rochester
  • susan sommers_web Susan Lynne Sommers, Greater Capital
  • Jennifer Stevenson_NEW Jennifer Stevenson, St. Lawrence
  • Tim Sweeney photo_web Tim Sweeney, Ulster
  • Andi_Turco_Levin_web2018 Andi Turco-Levin, Ulster County
  • Charlotte Vanderwaag_web Charlotte Vanderwaag, Long Island
  • Allen_Vanhoff_WEB Allen Van Hoff, Southern Adirondack
  • James_Yockel_Web James Yockel, Greater Rochester

  • *Pledges

    Sterling "R" Program ($1,000 to $2,499)
    The membership requirement for a Sterling R is a $1,000 RPAC contribution annually. RPAC of NY thanks:

  • Jessica Akde_web Jessica Akde-Elmazi, Long Island
  • Matt Arnold_2014_web Matthew Arnold, Long Island
  • Christopher Bacchus Christopher Bacchus, Long Island
  • berger Miguel Berger*, Greater Capital
  • Janet_Besheer_web Janet Besheer, Greater Capital
  • Lanie Bittner pic Lanie Bittner, Greater Rochester
  • Jennifer Bossuot_NEW Jennifer Bossuot, Jefferson Lewis
  • Andrew Burke_2015UPDATED_web Andrew Burke, Greater Rochester
  • leah caro updated 2019 Leah Caro, Hudson Gateway
  • jennie chapin Jennie Chapin, Greater Syracuse
  • Deb Chiappetta Deb Chiappetta, Long Island
  • Rob Choudhury_web Rob Choudhury, Long Island
  • Christensen, Walt 3719-11_0074x5 Walter Christensen, Jefferson Lewis
  • Jay_Christiania_web Jay Christiana, Greater Capital
  • Sharon Ciminielli_2017_web Sharon Ciminelli, Buffalo Niagara
  • Barbara Ciricillo_web Barbara Ciricillo, Greater Syracuse
  • Greg Connors updated 6_2016_web J. Gregory Connors, Greater Capital
  • Laura Copersino_web Laura Copersino, Long Island
  • Sal Crifasi Sal Crifasi, Long Island
  • theodamico Theodora D'Amico, Greater Capital
  • Frank DellAccio_web Frank DellAccio, Long Island
  • Peter Demidovich_web Peter Demidovich, Long Island
  • C Doherty Constance Doherty, Long Island
  • Steven Domber_web Steven Domber, Dutchess County
  • Mark Donnelly_web Mark Donnelly, Long Island
  • Floyd_Earl_web Floyd Earl, Long Island
  • John Fitzgerald 3_pp new_web John Fitzgerald, Long Island
  • Lynne Freda_web Lynne Freda, Sullivan
  • Mary Fry updated_web Mary Fry, Clinton County
  • Carol Gallo-Turschmann_web Carol Gallo-Turschmann, Long Island
  • ann_garti Ann Garti, Hudson Gateway
  • Nick Gigante HIGHRES Nick Gigante, Long Island
  • marco gomez Marco Gomez, Long Island
  • Melissa Gomez Melissa Gomez, Long Island
  • Amy Wood Gonzalez Amy Wood Gonzalez, Ithaca
  • Susan_Greenfield_Web2014 Susan Greenfield, NYSCAR
  • CathyGriffin_web Cathy Griffin, Greater Capital
  • Irene_Guanill_web Irene Guanill-Elukowich, Hudson Gateway
  • Lindsay Hart Lindsay Hart, Ithaca
  • dan_hartnett_web Daniel Hartnett, Greater Syracuse
  • susan helsinger_web Susan Helsinger, Long Island
  • chuck hilbert_web Chuck Hilbert, Greater Rochester
  • Mike Johnson 2013_web Mike Johnson, Buffalo Niagara
  • Andrew Kachaylo_web Andrew Kachaylo, Greater Rochester
  • Kyle Kelly web Kyle Kelly, Long Island
  • Mike Kelly, NYSAR Michael Kelly, NYSAR 
  • kenline - unaltered_web Gary Kenline*, Buffalo Niagara
  • DerickKing_1_web Derick King, NYSAR
  • sarikingsleynysarpic_rev Sari Kingsley, Staten Island
  • James Knight_web James Knight, Buffalo Niagara
  • Steve Labombard Steve Labombard, Clinton County
  • Kevin Leatherman_web Kevin Leatherman, Long Island
  • Nancy Legaz Nancy Legaz, Long Island
  • john b leonardi_web John Leonardi, Buffalo Niagara
  • Pat Levitt_web Pat Levitt, Long Island
  • CynthiaLippolis_web Cynthia Lippolis, Hudson Gateway
  • Paul Llobell_web Paul Llobell, Long Island
  • Kevin Loiacono_web Kevin Loiacono, Long Island
  • Eliot_Lonardo_web Eliot Lonardo, Long Island
  • Beth_Lowe-3 (002)_web Beth Lowe, Long Island
  • Dave Manzano Dave Manzano, Greater Syracuse
  • Willie Bea McDonald Willie Bea McDonald, Southern Adirondack
  • Thomas_McGroder_NEW_web Thomas McGroder, Greater Capital
  • mckenna_web Lisa McKenna, Northern Adirondack
  • Felton McLaughlin_web Felton McLaughlin, Greater Capital
  • Cynthia Mead_web Cynthia Mead, Southern Adirondack
  • Michael_Mendicino_web Michael Mendicino, Long Island
  • Malinda M 2017_web Malinda Montemarano, Staten Island
  • Michael Morris_web2017 Michael Morris, Long Island
  • Joe Mottola_web Joe Mottola*, Long Island
  • Jan Nastri Jan Nastri, Greater Syracuse
  • James A. Netter-Website_web James Netter, Long Island
  • Frank Paruolo Frank Paruolo, Long Island
  • Alfred Peavy Alfred Peavy, Ulster
  • Karen Peebles_web Karen Peebles, Jefferson Lewis
  • Dennis Pezzimenti Dennis Pezzimenti, Cattaraugus-Chautauqua
  • Allison Platt Allison Platt, Long Island
  • Sal Polito_web2017  Sal Polito, Long Island
  • Nancy Quigg_web Nancy Quigg, Greater Syracuse
  • Frank Reali HIGH RES_WEB Frank Reali, Staten Island
  • Joe Rivellino_web2 Joe Rivellino, Buffalo Niagara
  • tom roaldi Tom Roaldi, Buffalo Niagara
  • Seibert Robinson_web Seibert Robinson, Long Island
  • Sean Rogge_web Sean Rogge, Southern Adirondack
  • Victoria Romeo Victoria Romeo, Greater Capital
  • Roohan_Tom_web Tom Roohan, Greater Capital
  • Paul Rossi Paul Rossi, NYSAR
  • MaryAliceRuppert2012_web Mary Alice Ruppert, Long Island
  • Connie Ryan  Connie Ryan, Greater Syracuse
  • edryan_web Ed Ryan, Long Island
  • Rhonda_Saulsbury_web Rhonda Saulsbury, Greater Rochester
  • Dianne Scalza_web Dianne Scalza, Long Island
  • D Scanlon_web Donald Scanlon, Long Island
  • Matthew_Schmelzer_rev Matthew Schmelzer, Bronx Manhattan North
  • Michael_Scully_web Michael J. Scully, Long Island
  • Mark Seiden Mark Seiden, Hudson Gateway
  • Carol Sparaco Carol Sparaco, Long Island
  • Dick Stauffer Richard Stauffer, Hamptons & North Fork
  • David_Strainer David Strainer, Southern Adirondack
  • laurel head shot 2014_web Laurel Sweeney, Ulster
  • Becky Thomas_web Becky Thomas, Otsego Delaware
  • Laurena_Torres_web Laurena Torres, Bronx Manhattan North
  • miriam treger_web miriam treger, Buffalo Niagara
  • Rebecca VanDorn Rebecca Van Dorn, Buffalo Niagara
  • john John Vernazza, Staten Island
  • Kathleen A Viard Kathleen Viard, Long Island
  • penne vincent Penny Vincent, Greater Rochester
  • Jonas Wagner_WEB Jonas Wagner, Long Island
  •  Eden Whitaker_REV Eden Whitaker, Southern Adirondack
  • Whitehead_Merle_web Merle Whitehead, Greater Capital 
  • Kira Witherwax_cropforweb Kira Witherwax, Clinton
  • George_S_wonica_web George S. Wonica, Brooklyn
  • Val Wonica_web Valerie Wonica, Staten Island
  • Charlene Zoratti UPDATE_web Charlene Zoratti, Buffalo Niagara
  • MHMLS Mid Hudson MLS, Dutchess
  • RRE, NYSResidential Real Estate Council, NY State
  •  UCBR_web  MLS of Ulster 
  • wcr_logo_webWomen’s Council of REALTORS
  • Corrine Eaton, Long Island
  • Leslie Tao, Long Island
  • Clinton County Board of REALTORS
  • Women's Council of REALTORS, Empire Chapter
  • Women's Council of REALTORS, Greater Capital Chapter
  • Women’s Council of REALTORS, Tri-County Chapter
  • Women's Council of REALTORS, Western New York Chapter

  • *Pledges


    RPAC of New York Hall of Fame

    RPAC of New York recently inducted 23 members into the inaugural class of the RPAC of New York Hall of Fame. RPAC of New York Hall of Famers have each invested at least $15,000 in RPAC over their lifetime, including:
  • Mary Begley, Long Island
  • George Bergleitner, Otsego-Delaware
  • Joseph Canfora, Long Island
  • Dawn Carpenter, Staten Island
  • JP Endres-Fein, Hudson Gateway
  • Lisbeth English, Long Island
  • Mel Farkas, Long Island
  • Barbara Frechter, Long Island
  • Frank DellAccio, Long Island
  • Susan Goldy, Bronx Manhattan
  • Joan Grant, Ulster
  • Max Wm. Gurvitch, Brooklyn
  • Richard Haggerty, Hudson Gateway
  • Margaret Hartman, Buffalo Niagara
  • Dorothy Herman, Long Island
  • Susan Helsinger, Long Island
  • Buddy Hoosein, Long Island
  • Gary Kenline, Buffalo Niagara
  • Nancy Kennedy, Hudson Gateway
  • Paul Kennedy, Hudson Gateway
  • Sari Kingsley, Staten Island
  • Carol Kope, Hudson Gateway
  • Patricia Levitt, Long Island
  • Audrey Livingstone, Long Island
  • Duncan MacKenzie, NYSAR CEO
  • Michael Mendicino, Long Island
  • Joseph Mottola, LIBOR CEO
  • Linda Page, Columbia-Greene
  • Michael Schmelzer, Bronx Manhattan
  • George K. Wonica, Staten Island
  • Alan Yassky, Hudson Gateway

  • Presidents Club
     ($500 to $999)
    The membership requirement for the NYSAR Presidents Club is a $500 to $999 RPAC contribution annually.

    • Dorothy Aschkar, Long Island
    • Jennifer Ball, Southern Adirondack
    • Gabriele Bishop, Long Island
    • Lydia Bueso Roman, Long Island
    • Brooke Clark, Southern Adirondack
    • Christopher Colucci, Long Island
    • Luisa Craige-Sherman, Southern Adirondack
    • Susana Dumas, Long Island
    • Phil Felice, Long Island
    • M. Lynne Freda, Sullivan County
    • Linda Gatewood, Southern Adirondack
    • Rosalie Labbate, Long Island
    • Leanne Little, NYSAR
    • Scott Newell, Southern Adirondack
    • Joseph Piccininni, Long Island
    • Charlotte Potvin, Southern Adirondack
    • Jeffrey Roney, Greater Syracuse
    • Paul Rossi, NYSAR
    • Jennifer Sherry, Southern Adirondack
    • Tony Smith, Long Island
    • Sarah Stansbury, Clinton County 

    Capitol Club ($250 to $499)

    The membership requirement for the NYSAR Capitol Club is a $250 to $499 RPAC contribution annually. RPAC of NY thanks:

    • Gail Abplanalp, St Lawrence County
    • Christopher Bacchus, Long Island
    • Roberts Bangs, Hudson Gateway
    • Diane Benczkowski, Buffalo Niagara
    • Joseph Brunken, Long island
    • Kimberly Bullard, Southern Adirondack
    • Shelli Cameron, Southern Adirondack
    • Brad Casella, Long Island
    • Patricia Cassese, Hudson Gateway
    • Andrew Castine, Clinton County
    • Emily Catik, Long Island
    • Marcia Clarke, Brooklyn
    • Brendan Cunningham, Buffalo Niagara
    • Michael Damp, Northern Adirondack
    • Carol Disanto, Ithaca
    • Lance Evans, Jefferson Lewis
    • Gail Fattizzi, Hudson Gateway
    • Michael Ferrara, Long Island
    • Shelia Ferrentino, Buffalo Niagara
    • Michelle Fowler, Clinton County
    • David Fuller, Northern Adirondack
    • Michael Galicia, Long Island
    • Karen Gosnell, Clinton County
    • Frederic Greene, Long Island
    • Brian Gucciardo, Long Island
    • Judith Guglielmo, Clinton County
    • Sanford Hayes, Northern Adirondack
    • Sarah Hughes, Hudson Gateway
    • Norma Jayne, Ithaca
    • Lucille Kassian, St Lawrence County
    • Joel Koval, Greater Capital
    • Robert Pace, Long Island
    • Marlo Paventi, Long Island
    • Sally Pepper, Southern Adirondack
    • Rose Marie Princi, Long Island
    • Richard Rielly, Columbia-Greene
    • Nancy Rome, Jefferson Lewis
    • Patricia Santucci, Long Island
    • P. Joseph Siematkowski, St Lawrence County
    • Mary Stoe, Ithaca
    • Rose Torraca, Long Island
    • Karlene Tyson, Long Island
    • Rocio Uchofen, Staten Island
    • Steve Vaisey, Greater Rochester
    • Ellen Welch, Clinton County
    • Eric Winklhofer, Buffalo Niagara
    • Hui Xin Wong, Long Island
    • Yanjing Xie, Long Island
    • Shan Yi Yip, Long Island

    *Charter Golden "R" contributors, who joined the program by Dec. 31, 2001 may sustain their Golden "R" membership at $1,000 annually.

    NAR President's Circle members
    NAR’s President’s Circle* is a direct giver program whereby members receive requests throughout the year to make direct contributions to national political party committees and/or federal candidates selected by the national RPAC Trustees.

    *President’s Circle members must be an RPAC Major Donor and contribute an additional $2,000 in personal contributions.

    Want to contribute and support RPAC's efforts as these members have done?

    For more information on the NYSAR REALTORS Political Action Committee, e-mail our Government Affairs Department.


    Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions to RPAC are voluntary and used for political purposes. The amount suggested is merely a guideline and you may contribute more or less than the suggested amount. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal and the National Association of REALTORS or any of its state associations or local boards will not favor or disfavor any member because of the amount contributed. 70% of each contribution is used by the State PAC to support state and local political candidates. Until your state reaches its RPAC goal, 30% is sent to National RPAC to support Federal candidates and is charged against you limits under 2 U.S.C. 441a; after the state reaches its RPAC goal, it may elect to retain your entire contribution for use in supporting state and local candidates.

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