RPAC Monthly Report


June 5, 2018

We at NYSAR Government Affairs can’t thank you enough for your efforts to build RPAC. This interactive monthly report includes an RPAC fundraising and participation update, RPAC online silent auction, information on local RPAC events and a “Resources” section with links to RPAC fundraising ideas, RPAC FAQ’s, the Local Board RPAC Manual and much more. Please let us know if you have ideas on how we might make the report even better!

Fundraising and Participation Update

2018 RPAC fundraising and participation status
As of May 31, RPAC of New York has raised $555,132 reflecting 50 percent toward our 2018 fundraising goal of $1.1 million. In terms of participation, 9,119 members have invested in RPAC, representing 47 percent toward our 2018 Participation Goal of 19,415. These figures represent 16 percent of NYSAR’s total membership as invested in RPAC to date.
Congratulations to the first boards to reach their 2018 RPAC Fundraising Goal:
Bronx Manhattan North Association
Clinton County Board
Cortland County Board
New York State Commercial Association
Northern Adirondack Board
Southern Adirondack REALTORS
Congratulations to the first boards to reach their 2018 RPAC Participation Goal:
Clinton County Board
Cortland County Board
Elmira Corning Regional Association
Hamptons & North Fork Association
Ithaca Board
Jefferson Lewis Board
Mohawk Valley Association
New York State Commercial Association
Staten Island Board
St. Lawrence Board
Southern Adirondack REALTORS 
Ulster County Board

Click here to view RPAC fundraising and participation totals organized by region. 
Click here to view board by board Local Revenue Sharing (LRS) figures.

Other 2018 NAR RPAC Goals for New York
Major Investor Goal: 223
President’s Circle Goal: 22
Statewide Participation Goal: 35%

NOTE:  Please be aware that due to processing, some investments may not appear as being credited until the following monthly report.
As a reminder to local boards, the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) requires: 
- Investments in excess of $50 to be forwarded to NYSAR within 10 calendar days of the date of the check
- Investments of $50 or less to be forwarded to NYSAR within 30 calendar days of the date of the check.
To simplify the forwarding procedure, it is highly recommended that all RPAC investments be forwarded at least once a week to NYSAR.  

Please mark your calendars….the deadline to invest in RPAC in the 2018 fundraising year is Friday, November 30.

RPAC/Legislative News and Events

NYSAR members inducted into the NAR RPAC Hall of Fame
A great big congratulations to Liz English (LIBOR), Dorothy Botsoe (HGAR) and Dottie Herman (LIBOR) on being inducted into the NAR RPAC Hall of Fame during the NAR May Meetings! Thank you all for leading by example and each investing $25,000+ into RPAC over your lifetime.

Local boards raise nearly $42,500 for RPAC in May!
The spring RPAC fundraising season is underway. Thank you to the following local boards for holding events to support RPAC in May:
• LIBOR raised a record $39,000 during their legendary Day at the races event featuring live/silent auctions, gourmet lunch in a private room overlooking historic Belmont Track.
• St. Lawrence County raised $2,000 during an interactive game night event featuring a Karaoke Challenge and various board games including Left, Right, Center and silent auctions too!
• Greater Capital raised $3,500 during their annual RPAC Bowling event featuring food, drinks, prizes and a terrific time in support of RPAC.

Looking to attend an RPAC event in your community?
There are several local board RPAC events on the calendar for the months ahead. From happy hour gatherings and river cruises to white water rafting and a New York Yankees vs. New York Mets subway series game, there is something for everyone. To view the event calendar, click here.

RPACblingpinThe 2018 “RPAC Bling” pin is now available for a $25 RPAC investment! 
Show your support of RPAC through the brand new “RPAC Bling” pin. The pin is 1 & 3/4 inch wide with a powerful magnetic backing and features sparkling bling with a brushed silver trim. To order your pin today, complete the order form and return to or fax to the attention of Derick King at 518-462-5474. You can also call Derick directly to invest over the phone at 518-463-0300 x238!

Legislative Update
At the NYS Capital, Albany

NYS Department of State drafts Appraisal Management Companies bill
The New York State Department of State (DOS) revised its Appraisal Management Company bill, which is expected to be introduced in the Legislature soon. Passage of this bill is necessary for New York State to comply with an August 2018 federal deadline. NYSAR has been working with the DOS and state Legislature to draft the bill, and is urging its passage before state lawmakers leave for the year on June 20.

Governor Cuomo’s ‘Source of Income’ bill introduced by Assemblyman Weprin
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced in April that he was working to advance legislation to outlaw housing discrimination based on the lawful source of a person's income. Assemblyman David Weprin of Queens has introduced that legislation as a governor’s program bill (A.10610) in the Assembly. The bill does not currently have a Senate sponsor. NYSAR has multiple concerns with this legislation, and will be raising those issues where appropriate.

Barbara Underwood voted in as new Attorney General
A joint legislative session of the State Assembly and Senate voted to select the state’s Solicitor General Barbara Underwood to carry out the remainder of the term of Attorney General, replacing Eric Schneiderman. Candidates for Attorney General will be on the ballot this November. Underwood said she will not run for the office. Read more on the candidates running here.

Five Republican state Senators not seeking re-election
Republican state Senators Bill Larkin (39th Senate District-Hudson Valley) and Tom Croci (3rd Senate District-Long Island) announced they will not be seeking re-election this November. They join Republican Sens. John DeFrancisco, Kathy Marchione and John Bonacic in announcing plans in the last several days to retire at the end of the year.

On Capital Hill, Washington D.C.
NY REALTORS meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill
New York REALTORS met with Congress members and U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand during the annual REALTORS Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo to discuss this year’s legislative priorities including flood insurance, mortgage debt forgiveness and equal access to housing. Visit NYSAR’s Facebook page to view more and stay up-to-date.

Senator Schumer calls on Congress to extend, reform flood program
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer was on Long Island on Monday, May 21, urging Congress to extend the deadline for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is due to expire on July 31. Schumer said that improvements to the program should include fair and stable insurance costs for homeowners and more accurate flood maps. NAR estimates that any lapse in the program may result in the delay or cancellation of more than 9,000 home sale closings per week nationwide. Read more here

U.S. Senate votes to block the repeal of net neutrality
The U.S. Senate voted 52 to 47 to reverse the Federal Communications Commission action to repeal net neutrality regulations, which are set to take effect on June 11, 2018. REALTORS opposed the FCC rollback, saying the changes to net neutrality could create an unlevel playing field for small business owners. It’s unknown whether the House of Representatives would advance the Senate bill, however. Read more here.

Feds warn New York, other states about tax deduction workarounds
The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service plan to propose regulations addressing the federal income tax treatment and characterization of certain payments that give taxpayers a credit against their state and local taxes, which could make it difficult for New York taxpayers to legally utilize the charitable tax deduction workaround. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation in April that would let school districts set up charitable trusts that homeowners could donate to in order to work around the new federal $10,000 cap on the deductibility of state and local taxes. Read more here.

To view NYSAR’s Government Affairs weekly report archive for the month of May, click here.

RPAC Monthly Auction

Congratulations Sharon Ciminelli!
Thank you to Sharon Ciminelli from the Buffalo Niagara Association for submitting the high bid of $450 for the Fitbit offered as the May RPAC auction item. Thank you Sharon for your ongoing support of RPAC at the Sterling R ($1,000) level and for your service as Western Regional RPAC Trustee.  

June RPAC auction item - Igloo 12-bottle wine cooler

Step into the freezer with the Igloo wine cooler! Fits up to 12 bottles of wine in a stylish, sleek case. Adjustable, removable shelves allow wine to be stacked vertical or horizontal, adjustable electronic temperature control, blue interior light. This item is BYOW!   


Starting bid: $125
Bidding Increments: $25

Email bids to, call Derick King at 518-463-0300 x238 or join the RPAC of New York  Facebook group to submit a bid. Bidding closes on Friday, June 29.

RPAC Promotion & Recognition

The 2018 “RPAC Bling” pin is now available for a $25 RPAC investment! 
Show your support of RPAC through the brand new “RPAC Bling” pin. The pin is 1 & 3/4 inch wide with a powerful magnetic backing and features sparkling bling with a brushed silver trim. To order your pin today, complete the order form and return to or fax to the attention of Derick King at 518-462-5474. You can also call Derick directly to invest over the phone at 518-463-0300 x238!

RPAC of New York’s “Empire Pin” still available for a $25 investment in RPAC
Show your support of RPAC of New York through this limited edition Empire Pin. The pin is one-inch wide with a powerful magnetic backing and features New York State in REALTOR blue with a brushed silver trim. Download and complete your order form today, or contact NYSAR’s Political Affairs Coordinator Derick King at or 518-463-0300 x238.

Flyer 1: Broker Flyer 
A broker-specific piece offering a few pointers on how brokers may bring RPAC into the conversation among their agents. Click here for the flyer. 

Flyer 2: How has RPAC protected your business? 
Shows how RPAC has worked to protect your business and to defend the dream of Homeownership.Click here for the flyer. 
Flyer 3: Giving Homeowners a Voice
Shows how RPAC has helped give REALTORS and homeowners a voice in the Empire State! Click here for the flyer.
Flyer 4: The return on your RPAC investments 
The return on your RPAC investments means real savings for REALTORS and consumers. Take a look at some of the things your RPAC dollars have accomplished for you and your industry by clicking here.

*If you plan to print these documents, please be sure to print double sided.

RPAC Magnetic Bumper Magnets available for a $25 investment in RPAC – New in 2017 
Download and complete your order form today, or contact NYSAR’s Political Affairs Coordinator Derick King at or 518-463-0300 x238 
Option 1: I fight for my clients’ rights! 
Option 2: Fighting for the rights of property owners! 
Attention Major Investors

RPAC of NY offering Major Investor Installment Plan 
Once again, NYSAR will be offering the RPAC of NY Major Investor Installment Plan. The plan gives members the option to spread their RPAC investments over a course of months to achieve Major Investor status ($1,000+) by the end of the fundraising year in December. How the program works: members pledge to become an RPAC Major Investor, provide NYSAR with their credit card information, select five months to spread out their payments and NYSAR will charge their card over five monthly installments. Click here to enroll in the RPAC Major Investor Installment Plan today.
RPAC of New York’s “Pay As You Go – Major Investor Pledge” Program
In addition to the installment plan, RPAC of NY is thrilled to announce the “Pay As You Go Major Investor Pledge” program. This new program allows Major Investors to pledge their RPAC support at the Major Investor level and to pay incrementally throughout the year. This may be accomplished by attending state and/or local RPAC events or by investing in RPAC whenever financially convenient during the year. This program gives Major Investors the flexibility to pay as they go and will also assist staff in maintaining an accurate list of Major Investors across the state, to ensure all are on track to fulfilling their pledges by the close of the fundraising year.To pledge your Major Investment through the Pay As You Go Major Investor Pledge, click here.

RPAC Power Point: Take a look at the RPAC Fast Facts Power Point to learn why every REALTOR should invest in RPAC!
Please contact NYSAR’s Political Affairs Coordinator, Derick King at or 518-463-0300 x238 to order copies of these flyers!

RPAC of New York on Facebook
To gain up to date information on RPAC fundraising, local and state RPAC events and much more join the RPAC of New York  Facebook group.

RPAC Major Donor Recognition
On behalf of New York's 55,000 REALTORS, RPAC of New York thanks the members listed here for being major donors in 2018. 

RPAC Resources 

NYSAR provides resources to local boards to host RPAC fundraising events 
In fact, RPAC of New York will pay 75 percent of the cost to put on the event, while the local boards’ Local Revenue Sharing (LRS) account will be charged the remaining 25 percent. Many boards host events such as auctions, talent shows, group outings at a local attraction such as a restaurant, brewery or sporting event. As a reminder, local boards must complete the RPAC Local Board Event Fundraising Request Form prior to holding the event. By law, all expenses associated with RPAC fundraising must be paid for by RPAC and never by the local boards’ corporate account. Please contact the Government Affairs department for guidance on holding local RPAC events.  

RPAC of New York Local Board Manual
RPAC Local Board Event Fundraising Request Form
RPAC Works For Me Educational Video
RPAC Dues Billing Basics
RPAC Pledge Form
RPAC Top Ten Legal Questions about Fundraising 
RPAC of New York Staff Contacts 
RPAC Fundraising Ideas: 
RPAC of New York "REALTORS Got Talent" Flyer
RPAC Jail Flyer
RPAC VIP Lounge Flyer
LIBOR Day at the Races Flyer
LIBOR New York Mets Game Flyer
LIBOR New York Yankees Game Flyer
LIBOR "REALTORS Got Talent" Flyer 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Derick King at 518-463-0300 x238 or Thank you again for all of your support of RPAC.

Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes. Contributions to RPAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. You may contribute more or less than the suggested amount. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal and the National Association of REALTORS, the New York State Association of REALTORS or any of its local boards or associations will not favor or disfavor any member because of the amount contributed. 70% of each contribution is used by your state PAC to support state and local political candidates. Until your NYSAR PAC reaches its PAC goal 30% is sent to National RPAC to support federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 2 U.S.C. 441a; after NYSAR PAC reaches its RPAC goal it may elect to retain your entire contribution for use in supporting state and local candidates. 
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