REALTORS Advocacy Committee

In early 2007, NYSAR realized that it was going to become increasingly involved in political campaigns across New York. Because of the legal restrictions and limitations on NYSAR’s involvement in local referendums it decided to create the REALTORS Advocacy Committee (RAC).

The RAC is a registered political committee with the New York State Board of Elections. As such it is permitted to become involved in statewide and local elections, including referendums on real estate transfer tax proposals. The RAC provides NYSAR with a vehicle to make sure that the REALTOR voice or position is heard on an issue.

There is a $5,000 annual limit on the amount of money that a corporation, including NYSAR and its Issues Mobilization Fund or local board can make to the RAC. But there is no limit on the amount of resources that can be contributed to a committee such as RAC in support or opposition of a ballot proposition including referendums.

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