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Weekly Report for January 17, 2020

Department of State proposes new state regulations to enhance fair housing

On January 15, the Department of State published new regulatory proposals to enhance fair housing provisions in New York State. The proposals are subject to a 60-day public comment period. The new proposals include:

  • Requiring brokers to be responsible for providing a new disclosure on fair housing (to be furnished by the Department of State) to prospective home buyers, renters, sellers, and landlords;
  • Requiring the posting and display of fair housing laws at real estate brokers’ offices and websites;
  • And requiring video and audio recordings of all approved fair housing instruction, which must be kept for one year following the date of recording. 

The governor announced his intent to propose these new measures in December.

Governor Cuomo to release his budget proposal Jan. 21
Governor Andrew Cuomo will present his Executive Budget proposal on Tuesday, January 21 in Albany, where he will unveil details on how the state will address a $6 billion budget deficit. NYSAR will review the governor’s budget to identify any potential issues that impact real estate licensees, real estate taxes and the overall housing market. 

Good Cause Eviction bill to be priority for tenant advocates
Tenant advocates say passage of legislation to create a “Good Cause” eviction standard statewide will be a priority again this year. NYSAR opposed this bill last year and it was not included in the overall Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act which was signed into law last June, expanding rent stabilization statewide and creating new eviction protections. NYSAR plans to strongly oppose the “Good Cause” eviction bill again this year. You can read more here.

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