How to respond to RPAC resistance

Potential investors have a litany of reasons for not being able to invest in RPAC.

Here are some common statements and how to respond:
“I don’t believe in giving money to political candidates.”
Response: Actually, rather than “giving” money to political candidates, you are investing in your business and a commitment to preserving the future of our industry. Legislation harmful to your business passed by Congress, the state legislature, or city council could BE just as catastrophic financially as the loss of any of your possessions by fire, theft, or storm. RPAC helps elect officials at the national, state, and local levels who support the free enterprise system and private property rights.

“I already contribute to political candidates on my own.”
Response: You should contribute directly to the candidates of your choice, but you should also contribute through RPAC. The dollars you give are pooled with literally tens of thousands of other contributors to support candidates who understand the issues that affect our business. Our ultimate goal is to position RPAC as the largest and most influential political advocacy organization in the country. With your support now, we will be one step closer.

“I don’t have the money.”
Response: You can’t afford not to have the money. A ninety-nine dollar contribution to RPAC breaks down to about a quarter a day. Is a daily investment of 25 cents not worth the additional money in your pocket that results from RPAC’s successful efforts to ensure a vigorous and viable real estate industry?

“PACs are just in the business of buying votes.”
Response: RPAC does not “buy” votes from politicians. RPAC helps elect candidates who share our philosophy, or will at least listen to the REALTOR® viewpoint. RPAC supported candidates will not always support us on every vote, but they will usually be more favorable to our point of view that the candidate who ran against them or the incumbent they replaced.

“I’m a Republican/Democrat, and RPAC has supported candidates of the other party.”
Response: RPAC is nonpartisan in its selection of candidates. The voting record and views on the issues that affect REALTORS®, in addition to the recommendations of Local Boards and State Associations, are the deciding factors to determine who we support.

“RPAC supports federal candidates, I’m more interested in State and Local candidates.”
Response: Only 30% of your contribution goes to support candidates at the national level. The other 70% stays in the state for use in supporting candidates here at home. Up to 25% of every dollar collected is returned to the local board for use in the LRS program. By contributing to RPAC, you can help support candidates at all levels of government.

“I’m not full time, why should I contribute?”
Response: If you benefit in any way from the real estate business, you have a vested interest in ensuring that the individuals who pass the laws that affect our livelihood believe in private property rights and the free enterprise system.

“RPAC is already a successful PAC, you don’t need my contribution.”
Response: While RPAC has been successful in advancing the REALTOR® position, there is constantly new “anti-Realtor” legislation being introduced. We must remain strong and ready to assist candidates at all levels that support our point of view. It is imperative that we continue to build on the momentum we have created.