Court and DOS Decisions

First Quarter 2012 DOS Decisions

The following citations refer to Department of State decisions before an Administrative Law Judge. Each decision describes the subject matter of the hearing.

2 DOS 12 improper rental, unearned commission, failure to cooperate with DOS

3 DOS 12 misstatement on application, fraud, failure to pay judgment

56 DOS 12 denial of license

60 DOS 12 misstatement on application, denial of license

62 DOS 12 failure to provide copies of agency disclosure to clients, failure to retain said copies

63 DOS 12 commingling of escrow funds

64 DOS 12 misstatement on application, denial of license

124 DOS 12 continuing education

128 DOS 12 unlicensed broker, failure to maintain escrow, advertising

142 DOS 12 denial of license

153 DOS 12 demand and collection of improper commissions

154 DOS 12 denial of license

156 DOS 12 failure to pay a judgment

158 DOS 12 failure to satisfy judgment, failure to notify DOS of change of address

168 DOS 12 failure to complete 75-hour salesperson course

169 DOS 12 commingling escrow funds, unlicensed agent, failure to satisfy judgment
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