Court and DOS Decisions

First Quarter 2017 DOS Decisions

The following citations refer to Department of State decisions before an Administrative Law Judge. Each decision describes the subject matter of the hearing.

17 DOS 17      Disbarred atty, licensure

177 DOS 17    failure to comply with prior consent order

215 DOS 17    misappropriate client funds, failure to account for funds, expired license, failure to supervise, manage property without a contract

240 DOS 17    licensure, prior criminal conviction

242 DOS 17    insufficient funds for check issued to consumer, failure to cooperate

254 DOS 17    misappropriation of client funds, escrow, breach fiduciary duties

263 DOS 17    misappropriation client funds, failure to satisfy judgment

323 DOS 17    failure to comply with consent order, failure to account client funds, agency

341 DOS 17    failure to account client funds, misappropriation of client funds, overcharging, failure to maintain a physical office

383 DOS 17    licensure, prior criminal conviction

415 DOS 17    unlicensed activity, unlicensed name, unearned fee, failure to cooperate

436 DOS 17    failure to return deposit, unearned commission, fee paid to salesperson directly from consumer, failure to cooperate
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