Court and DOS Decisions

Fourth Quarter 2009 DOS Decisions

The following citations refer to Department of State decisions before an Administrative Law Judge. Each decision describes the subject matter of the hearing.

958 DOS 09 unearned commission, failure to provide agency disclosure, unli­censed name, relocate offices without noti­fying DOS, failure to cooperate with DOS investigation

960 DOS 09 unlicensed activity, fail­ure to provide agency disclosure, retained commission from client, failed to satisfy judgment

973 DOS 09 unearned commission, failed to satisfy judgment, failure to provide agency disclosure

987 DOS 09 continuing education

999 DOS 09 continuing education

1000 DOS 09 continuing education

1001 DOS 09 failure to pay judgment, failure to cooperate with DOS investigation

1010 DOS 09 misstatement on renewal application, child support

1026 DOS 09 unlicensed activity, fraud, untrustworthiness, failure to supervise, fail­ure to cooperate with DOS investigation

1027 DOS 09 unearned commission, unlicensed activity, failure to determine if rental had CO

1051 DOS 09 failure to return escrow deposit

1052 DOS 09 continuing education

1094 DOS 09 continuing education

1104 DOS 09 failure to provide agency disclosure, failure to convey escrow deposit, changed address without notifying DOS, as­sociation with unrelated brokerage, failure to cooperate with DOS

1105 DOS 09 violation of cease and desist, failure to supervise

1107 DOS 09 convicted felon-denial of license, misstatement on application

1110 DOS 09 continuing education

1111 DOS 09 continuing education

1121 DOS 09 continuing education

1174 DOS 09 cease and desist 

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