Court and DOS Decisions

Fourth Quarter 2010 DOS Decisions

The following citations refer to Department of State decisions before an Administrative Law Judge. Each decision describes the subject matter of the hearing.

806 DOS 10 Continuing education

807 DOS 10 Continuing education

808 DOS 10 Continuing education

809 DOS 10 Continuing education

810 DOS 10 Continuing education

846 DOS 10 Failure to notify of address change, false address on renewal application

868 DOS 10 License hearing based on criminal conviction

872 DOS 10 License hearing, qualifying experience

884 DOS 10 Failure to make escrow deposit, unlicensed brokerage

894 DOS 10 Improperly retain broker fee, failure to provide agency disclosure, paying commission to unlicensed individual

895 DOS 10 License hearing based on criminal conviction

928 DOS 10 License renewal based on failure to comply with hearing decision

929 DOS 10 Failure to provide duplicate copies,failure to cooperate

935 DOS 10 Failure to satisfy judgment

1067 DOS 10 Breach fiduciary duties, failure to account for funds, failure to provide agency disclosure, failed to retain records

1073 DOS 10 Unlicensed activity, failure to obtain agency disclosure, failure to supervise

1083 DOS 10 Continuing education

1088 DOS 10 Failure to complete 75 hour course for license

1092 DOS 10 Continuing education

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