Court and DOS Decisions

Third Quarter 2009 DOS Decisions

The following citations refer to Department of State decisions before an Administrative Law Judge. Each decision describes the subject matter of the hearing.

701 DOS 09 unearned commission

726 DOS 09 continuing education

734 DOS 09 failure to disclose ownership, untrustworthy conduct, fraud

740 DOS 09 continuing education

742 DOS 09 broker failure to terminate licensee

747 DOS 09 unlicensed activity, unearned commission, failure to supervise

752 DOS 09 continuing education

767 DOS 09 failure to explain exclusive agency, failure to provide agency disclosure, breach of fiduciary duties

770 DOS 09 continuing education

777 DOS 09 continuing education

785 DOS 09 revocation of license for conviction of felony

786 DOS 09 continuing education

789 DOS 09 failure to file change of association, accepting services of licensee without knowledge of current broker, failure to cooperate with DOS

791 DOS 09 failure to properly deposit escrow, failure to provide agency disclosure, payment of commission to non-broker

792 DOS 09 failure to maintain escrow account, commingle funds, withheld monies from consumer

794 DOS 09 continuing education

847 DOS 09 continuing education

855 DOS 09 continuing education

866 DOS 09 continuing education

902 DOS 09 failure to provide agency disclosure, unearned commission, fraud, salesperson as officer of brokerage, failure to cooperate with DOS

921 DOS 09 continuing education

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