23. Receptionists

72 DOS 93 Matter of Reiback - charges dismissed regarding (i) failure to file termination notice with respect to inactive salespersons; (ii) permitting unlicensed person to act as salesperson; receptionist can take messages for licensees

65 DOS 95 Matter of DOS v. Dawns Horizon Realty, Inc. - advertising; zoning; did broker know or have reason to know of violation; broker's conduct effecting or encouraging violation of zoning and occupancy regulations demonstrates untrustworthiness and incompetency; refund deposit, suspension; relocation of office without filing change of address violates RPL §441-a[5]; merely taking phone calls does not require licensure, broker not required to file change of association for salesperson, RPL §441[1][a]; failure to give prospective tenant disclosure form, violation RPL §443, failure in such case to get acknowledgment of receipt not violation

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