4. Specific Examples

10 DOS 91 Matter of Fishman - negotiating experience on behalf of employer is qualifying experience

21 DOS 91 Matter of Moulana - professional engineer - no qualifying experience to become a broker

13 DOS 92 DOS v. O'Neill - experience as appraiser does not qualify to become a real estate broker

Opinion Letter 92-2 (Mike Rinella) - state employees are not entitled to waiver of fees for real estate appraisers

124 DOS 92 Matter of DOS v. Nacht - experience gained in negotiation of residential mortgage loans is qualifying experience

127 DOS 92 Matter of DOS v. Harris - experience gained in purchasing, financing, sale and leasing of your own property is qualifying experience; unlicensed experience as independent contractor for others is unlawful and not qualifying experience

138 DOS 92 Matter of Orisek - experience in negotiation of residential mortgage loans is equivalent experience

6 DOS 92 Matter of Collins - business broker experience is not equivalent experience

141 DOS 92 Matter of Bernier - "power of attorney" does not obviate license requirement as real estate broker, apartment information vendor, mortgage broker or insurance broker - such activities are not "qualifying experience"

3 DOS 94 Matter of DOS v. Posner - qualifying experience - supervision of financial aspects of transactions is not qualifying experience, but negotiating of rent increases is qualifying experience; "doubling" of experience as licensed salesperson

49 DOS 95 Matter of Leland - point system; no qualifying experience for time spent as sales associate where no listings taken; no sales or rentals made and no financing arranged; hearing held where applicant made defective request for adjournment (which was not granted); applicant fails to appear; decision to deny is final

903 DOS 01 Avenia v. DOS - proof of qualifying experience; experience gained in the purchase and sale of existing mortgages does not qualify as equivalent experience in the general real estate business; applicant fails to establish the requisite qualifying experience; denial of application for a license as a real estate broker is confirmed

960 DOS 06 Matter of Lambright- prior misconduct, felony, receiving reward for official misconduct; direct relationship, failure to admit wrongfulness of conduct, lack of trustworthiness

961 DOS 06 DOS v. Catarine- prior misconduct violation of consent order; failure to make restitution; practice of real estate brokerage while unlicensed; revocation

517 DOS 07 Matter of Stuart- prior conviction; Attempted Robbery in the 2nd degree (D Felony); direct relationship; participation in program re: drug use, anger management; employment in position of trust with real estate developer and mortgage broker; active in community affairs; certificate of relief from disabilities; license as salesperson granted

609 DOS 06 Matter of Brooks- prior conviction; Conspiracy to Commit Mail, Wire and Securities Fraud; direct relationship; post-release position of trust in employment; license as salesperson granted

821 DOS 07 Matter of Aronica- prior conviction (Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud and Perjury); direct relationship; need to establish acted lawfully, honestly and honorably for an extended period of time; salesperson license denied

1362 DOS 07 Matter of Noble- Salesperson; renewal applicant; convicted of Grand Larceny 2nd degree (C Felony); direct relationship; Certificate of Relief From Disabilities; prior license as salesperson with support of broker for relicensure; no unreasonable risk; application granted

1479 DOS 09 Matter v. Tiernan – appraiser; failure to complete CE; complete CE within two months or suspension

1488 DOS 08 Matter of Gjokaj – appraiser; CE; failure to provide proof of compliance; revocation

1489 DOS 08 Matter of Iverson – appraiser assistant; CE; failure to provide proof of compliance; revocation

1490 DOS 08 Matter of Ramlogan – appraiser assistant; CE; failure to provide proof of compliance; revocation

1491 DOS 08 Matter of Walker – appraiser assistant; CE; failure to provide proof of compliance; revocation

1492 DOS 08 ­Matter of Wysocka – salesperson; CE; material misstatement; failure to provide proof of compliance; revocation

1497 DOS 08 Matter of Massaro – salesperson; CE: failure to timely complete; completion one month after renewal date; incompetency; $250 fine; prehearing offer of $2,000 fine

1499 DOS 08 Matter of Medina – appraiser assistant; CE: untimely completion; mitigation; one month suspension

1504 DOS 08 Matter of Martin – appraiser assistance; CE; failure to complete; mitigation; good faith belief that ethics course interchangeable with USPAP course; reprimand

1519 DOS 08 Matter of Germain – salesperson; CE; untimely completion; 7-month suspension

1520 DOS 08 Matter of Ferrante – salesperson; CE; untimely completion; 3-month suspension

1523 DOS 08 Matter of Fuller – salesperson; CE; untimely completion; mitigation; 1-month suspension

1524 DOS 08 Matter of Janeke – salesperson; CE; dismissal of charge of failure to cooperate; mitigation; had signed up prior renewal and completed within one month; $500 fine

3 DOS APP 08 Loiola v. DOS – appraiser; appeal; DOS affirmed penalty of suspension until completes required CE

12 DOS APP 08 Balan v. DOS – salesperson; appeal; reinstatement upon proof of CE; DOS withdrew memorandum in opposition

29 DOS 09 Matter of Verderber – salesperson; CE; revocation

64 DOS 09 Matter of Minor – salesperson; CE; mistake; hardship; $250 fine

65 DOS 09 Matter of Morgan – salesperson; CE; multiple hardship; $250 fine

87 DOS 09 Matter of Cort – salesperson; CE; failure of evidence of proper notice of hearing; charge dismissed

115 DOS 09 Matter of Tembeck – salesperson; CE; 3-month suspension

127 DOS 09 Matter of Petraroli – salesperson; CE; illness; application submitted without salesperson knowledge; complaint dismissed

135 DOS 09 Matter of Alvarado – salesperson; CE; revocation

142 DOS 09 Matter of Good – appraiser; CE; 2-month suspension

146 DOS 09 Matter of Lannen – appraiser; CE: revocation

190 DOS 09 Matter of Coyle – appraiser; failure to meet USPAP; electronic signature; credible testimony that former employee affixed electronic signature without permission; dismissal

204 DOS 09 Matter of Carr – appraiser; CE; revocation

205 DOS 09 Matter of Henry – appraiser assistant; CE; 3-month suspension

206 DOS 09 Matter of Keating – appraiser assistant; CE; revocation

207 DOS 09 Matter of O’Connell – appraiser assistant; CE; revocation

208 DOS 09 Matter of Shamah – appraiser assistant; CE; revocation

209 DOS 09 Matter of Smith – appraiser assistant; CE: revocation

210 DOS 09 Matter of Carman—salesperson; CE: dismissal of failure to cooperate; 1-month suspension

235 DOS 09 Matter of Powell – appraiser; CE; suspension until proof of completion

253 DOS 09 Matter of Keegan – salesperson; CE; dismissal of charge of failure to cooperate; $250 fine

261 DOS 09 Matter of Magro—salesperson; CE; withdrawal of prior decision; revocation withdrawn nunc pro tunc

318 DOS 09 Matter of Foster – associate broker; CE; hardship; $250 fine

357 DOS 09 Matter of Spinola – appraiser; CE mitigation and hardship; provide proof by specified date or suspension

361 DOS 09 Matter of Patricola – salesperson; CE; reprimand

383 DOS 09 Matter of Mannino – appraiser assistant; CE; revocation

384 DOS 09 Matter of Acocella – salesperson; CE; revocation

387 DOS 09 Matter Barthelus – appraiser; CE; reprimand

394 DOS 09 Matter of Caddle – appraiser assistant; CE: good faith mistake; illness and hardship; no public harm; complaint dismissed

395 DOS 09 Matter of Cardona – appraiser assistant; CE; reprimand

397 DOS 09 Matter of Sabena – appraiser assistant; CE; revocation

402 DOS 09 Matter of Greenstein – appraiser assistant; CE; revocation

403 DOS 09 Matter of Schwagerl – appraiser; CE; revocation

414 DOS 09 Matter of Ogiamien – salesperson; CE; misunderstanding; 7-month suspension

564 DOS 09 Matter of Kujawa – continuing education; reprimand

695 DOS 09 Matter of Johnson – continuing education; revocation

725 DOS 09 Matter of Chisholm – appraiser; CE; revocation

726 DOS 09 Matter of Nobile – salesperson; CE; revocation

736 DOS 09 Matter of Adamek – appraiser; CE; revocation

740 DOS 09 Matter of Talman—salesperson; CE; mitigation; reprimand

752 DOS 09 Matter of Klinger – salesperson; CE; revocation

770 DOS 09 Matter of Merrill – salesperson; CE; revocation

786 DOS 09 Matter of Meola – salesperson; CE; 1-month suspension

788 DOS 09 Matter of Duke – salesperson; CE; 4-month suspension

793 DOS 09 Matter of Massaria – appraiser; CE; reprimand

794 DOS 09 Matter of Canner – salesperson; CE; reprimand

847 DOS 09 Matter of Merino – salesperson; CE; reprimand

855 DOS 09 Matter of Rivera – salesperson; CE; revocation

866 DOS 09 Matter of Rosales – salesperson; CE; $2,000 fine sought by DOS excessive; $500 fine

921 DOS 09 Matter of Ingerick – salesperson; CE; can’t afford fine; suspension until prove CE and for four months

987 DOS 09 Matter of Loiseau – salesperson; CE; financial hardship; $500 fine

999 DOS 09 Matter of Flemming – salesperson; CE; financial hardship and family problems; reprimand

1000 DOS 09 Matter of Kaplan – salesperson; CE; financial hardship and family illness; reprimand

1052 DOS 09 Matter of Hattrich – salesperson; CE; financial hardship; reprimand

1110 DOS 09 Matter of Arrieta – salesperson; CE; revocation

1111 DOS 09 Matter of Reefer – salesperson; CE; failure to serve at residence address; dismissal without prejudice

1121 DOS 09 Matter of Copell – salesperson; CE; $250 fine

1212 DOS 09 Matter of Escue – salesperson; CE; wrongfully licensed for substantial period of time; revocation

1231 DOS 09 Matter of Lanier – salesperson; CE; mitigating circumstances; reprimand

1232 DOS 09 Matter of Sausa – salesperson; CE; credible explanation; $250 fine

1255 DOS 09 Matter of Pedota – salesperson; CE; $1,000 fine and suspension until proof of completion

1257 DOS 09 Matter of Thompson – salesperson; CE; failure to reply to DOS audit letter is independent violation; revocation

1259 DOS 09 Matter of Daimler – broker; qualifying experience; DLS request for further information; reduce points under 19 NYCRR Part 179; failure to appear at hearing; denial of license

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