1. General Principle

17 DOS 91 Matter of Torsiello - qualifying experience is one year of supervised service as real estate salesperson or two years of "equivalent" experience (conduct which was such that, if not engaged in or on behalf of either the applicant himself or the applicant's exclusive employer who is the principal in a transaction, or without expectation or receipt of compensation, would require a real estate broker's license)

141 DOS 92 Matter of Bernier - unlicensed activities cannot be considered or credited as qualifying experience

3 DOS 94 Matter of DOS v. Posner - qualifying experience - supervision of financial aspects of transactions is not qualifying experience, but negotiating of rent increases is qualifying experience; "doubling" of experience as licensed salesperson

46 DOS 94 Matter of DOS v. Medina - applicant proves requisite experience for licensure as broker; DOS fails to prove untrustworthiness; omission of answer to question on application was explained and is not by itself sufficient evidence of untrustworthiness

87 DOS 94 Matter of DOS v. Smith - unlicensed activities cannot be considered or credited as qualifying experience

49 DOS 95 Matter of Leland - point system; no qualifying experience for time spent as sales associate where no listings taken; no sales or rentals made and no financing arranged; hearing held where applicant made defective request for adjournment (which was not granted); applicant fails to appear; decision to deny is final

95 DOS 95 Matter of DOS v. I. M. Sharp, Inc., et al. - qualifying experience; consolidation of actions; material misstatement in application; retention of salesperson's listings, Reg. 175.14; license granted

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