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Ensure delivery of the NYSAR E-News Weekly eNewsletter

Nov 15, 2013
As many of you know, NYSAR is partnered with Naylor, LLC for the distribution and ad sales for the NYSAR E-News Weekly eNewsletter. It has recently come to our attention that many of our members are not receiving our weekly email.  To ensure receipt of the NYSAR E-News Weekly and to avoid any difficulty with emails getting caught in your spam filters, it may be necessary to add Naylor as a safe sender to your contacts.

What is a safe sender?
Safe senders are people or organizations that regularly email large lists of addresses with non-spam material, such as newsletters or other digital publications.

How do I add Naylor as a safe sender?
Simply add Naylor’s email address, to your safe sender list or online contacts/addresses. You can do this by going into your email program and adding Naylor’s address to your contact list.

What if my eNewsletter is still blocked by my ISP’s spam filters or firewalls?  
If you are already on our mailing list but believe the NYSAR E-News Weekly is being blocked, we suggest sending a letter listing the Naylor email address to your Internet Service Provider, which should then resolve any issues.

For more information on Naylor, LLC, they can be reached at (800) 665-2456.

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