2010 Officers

George S. Wonica
Wonica REALTORS & Appraisers
415 Manor Road
Staten Island, NY 10314
718-442-2880 x105

Steve Roefaro
Roefaro Appraisal & Consulting Services
1417 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13501

Anthony P. Girasole
Brisbane Consulting Group, LLC
403 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14203


Duncan R. MacKenzie
Chief Executive Officer
New York State Association
130 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12210

Ali Mann
Divisions Director
New York State Association of REALTORS
130 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12210

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2010 NYSSREA President: Issues and initiatives 

For those that don't know me, I am George S. Wonica “Jr.," your 2010 president of the New York State Society of Real Estate Appraisers. Knowing many of the individuals who have served as president of this organization, I am extremely honored to be entrusted with the responsibility that comes with this position. I will be working with the rest of the executive committee, President-Elect Steve Roefaro and Secretary/Treasurer Anthony P. Girasole, to ensure that our voices are heard on appraisal industry issues not just in New York State, but nationally as well. 

While there are many important issues facing the appraisal industry, there are a few initiatives that I would like to focus on this year. During the last couple of years, NYSSREA leadership has focused its attention on legislative efforts concerning appraisal issues in the real estate industry. Our leaders worked attentively with the NYSAR Government Affairs Department to act on legislation and increase advocacy among the members. An issue the organization recently took action on was the City of Buffalo Appraisal Bill, which is outlined in the Board of Governors’ meeting minutes. 

Mandatory licensing has been, and always will be, at the top of this organization’s agenda. It is imperative that we talk with members of the Legislature about the significance of passing this bill. NYSSREA will actively make its voice heard through the New York State Appraisal Board. 

This year, we will also work toward making statewide appraisal education more available. Appraisal courses sponsored by NYSSREA will be held regionally and will be accessible to all licensees for continuing education credit. A variety of courses will be submitted to the Department of State for approval in the near future. Please visit NYRealEstateAppraisers.com for information to come. 

This May, NYSSREA will hold the 16th Annual Arthur G. McCartney Spring Appraisal Conference at the Hilton Rye Town in Rye Brook, NY. We are extremely excited to invite James Canestaro, AIA, AICP from Knoxville, Tennessee to present “Evaluating Residential Construction.” Canestaro is a registered architect and certified urban planner who regularly deals with design programming, building characterization, strategic facility planning, capital asset management and project economic analysis. After receiving ravereviews from the Syracuse Board of REALTORS and the Orange County Board of REALTORS, NYSSREA was thrilled to hear that Canestaro was able to make another trip to New York State.

I am looking forward to an exciting year serving all the members of this esteemed organization and tackling issues that influence our industry. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have. Hope to see you all at the Spring Conference this May!



George S. Wonica
2011 NYSSREA President

NYSSREA Board of Governors meet in Albany

On Monday, February 1, committees of the New York State Society of Real Estate Appraisers met at The Desmond Hotel & Conference Center in Albany, NY. President George S. Wonica also welcomed the Board of Governors along with President-Elect Steve Roefaro and Secretary/Treasurer Anthony P. Girasole. 

Communications Committee Chair Walter Messina discussed the E-Newsletter. Leadership was encouraged to continue on the same path regarding content.

Marketing Committee Chair Steve Roefaro spoke about posting local board links on the NYSSREA site and asking local boards to post nyrealestateappraisers.com on their sites. Roefaro also updated the group on the progress made with the New York State Bar Association regarding linking to their site.

Rebecca Jones spoke on behalf of the Education Committee on the Appraisal tour of New York State. The committee will start to layout courses to be offered as dates and locations have been decided. 2010 Fall Appraisal Conference dates were announced by President George Wonica. Wonica was also named chair of the Spring Appraisal Conference. He will discuss possible topics and locations with the education committee.

Legislative Committee Chair Wayne Feinberg reported on Bill S1941, which is an act to amend the executive law and the real property tax law in relation to requiring licensed and certified real estate appraisers to report on certain appraisals requiring licensed and certified residential real property appraisers to report mortgage underwriting appraisals of one-to-four-family residential properties in the City of Buffalo to the Office of Real Property Services. The Board of Governors strongly opposes this bill for a variety of reasons including the fact that it appears to violate the confidentiality requirements of USPAP and good appraisal ethics. A motion was made, seconded and carried to oppose the bill and request that NYSAR’s Legislative Steering Committee take action.

With no new business, NYSSREA President-elect Steve Roefaro gave the NYSSREA Board of Governors an update on the happenings with DOS and the appraisal board. Mandatory licensing is still on the horizon and the board would like Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) taken out of any legislation regarding this.

Click here to view the minutes from the Board of Governors meeting in their entirety.

Photo: 2010 NYSSREA President George S. Wonica recognizes Rebecca Jones for her exemplary work in 2009 as NYSSREA president.

Apply for the NYSSREA John J. Noto Scholarship Award

In an effort to stimulate interest in the challenging, complex and ever-changing profession of real estate valuation, NYSSREA is offering scholarships of up to $300 to be used for Appraisal courses sponsored by NYSSREA, NYSAR and NAR or a local board/association; or for the Appraisal Institute courses. The money can be used toward room and board, books and tuition.

Applicants with main offices in New York must have one year experience in real estate appraisal, brokerage, development or other related disciplines, and/or hold an appraiser assistant license. The applicant must show positive motivation toward real estate appraisal education and must have completed at least one real-estate-related course acceptable to the society within the last five years.

Applicants must send in a completed application, transcript or evidence of satisfactory completion of real estate and/or appraisal course and a brief biography by September 1, 2010 to:

New York State Society of Real Estate Appraisers
130 Washington Avenue 
Albany, NY 12210-2220

Click here for an application and additional information.

Join the official NYSSREA Facebook group

REALTOR appraisers from across New York State can connect with each other and their state society by joining NYSSREA’s official Facebook group. The popular social networking site allows users to exchange information and connect with friends, family and colleagues across the country.

NYSSREA’s official Facebook group will offer members up-to-date association information, access to event pictures and a place for industry-related discussion. NYSSREA members are encouraged to join the group and network.

To join the official NYSSREA Facebook group, click here.

Please note: When you click on the link, you will be prompted to login to Facebook or create a new account. Once you do so, you will automatically be redirected to NYSSREA's Facebook group. Once on the page, click on "Request to Join Group," which is located in the top, right corner of the page. Your request will then be approved by NYSSREA staff.


If I have appraised a property multiple times within the previous three years, do I have to disclose the number of appraisal services? (e.g., “I have appraised the subject property three times during the previous three years.”)

Yes. Each prior service must be disclosed to the client and included in the report certification. This disclosure is similar to when an appraiser has any current or prospective interest in the subject property or the parties involved, which requires that each interest be specified. Therefore, each service must be disclosed to the client and appear in the certification.(See lines 231-241 in the 2010-11 edition of USPAP)

If I have performed a service other than appraisal practice, such as acting as a general contractor within the prior three years, do I have to describe the specific service or merely state a service was performed?

You must disclose to the client the type of prior service you performed regarding the property and this must be included in the report certification. This disclosure is not limited to services provided as part of appraisal practice. Therefore, each service must be disclosed to the client and appear in the certification. 

The Comment to the Conduct section of the ethics rule states, in part: “If an appraiser has agreed with a client not to disclose that he or she has appraised a property, the appraiser must decline all subsequent assignments that fall within the three-year period.” Does this really mean that the appraiser could not be engaged by this same client, on this property, within the three-year period?

Yes. The agreement not to disclose that he or she has appraised the property is between an appraiser and the client. It is possible that a qualified legal opinion might conclude that a confidentiality agreement between an appraiser and a client does not preclude disclosure between the same parties. However, the ASB is not qualified to make such a determination. Without such a legal opinion, the requirement precludes an appraiser from disclosing the prior service and from appraising the property again during this three-year disclosure period. 

However, there is nothing that prohibits a client and an appraiser from modifying the prior agreement to allow disclosure. If the confidentiality agreement is amended, the disclosure could be made and an appraisal could be completed for the same client. It must be made clear that if a client releases an appraiser from such a confidentiality agreement, services performed within the previous three-year period must be disclosed in the certification of the subsequent report, even if the client is the same for both assignments.

I am a staff appraiser for a company and only complete appraisals for my employer’s (the company’s) internal use. Am I required to inform the company that I have previously completed an appraisal within the three-year period when the company is already aware of it?

If you consistently correspond with the same person in the company when completing subsequent assignments regarding the same property, the risk of misleading that person is probably minimal. However, your prior services must still be disclosed. When you are working with the same person and they understand your professional responsibilities, it is unlikely this will be a problem. 

It is also possible that the specific person you deal with from one instance to the next may change. In this case, the new contact must certainly be informed if you have performed services regarding the subject property within the last three years. 

Education offerings

The following appraisal CE class is sponsored by the Greater Rochester Association of REALTORS. 
For more info, visit their website.

Valuation of High Acreage Residential Properties (7 Hrs. Appraiser and Real Estate CE)
April 29, 2010, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The following appraisal CE class is sponsored by the Elmira-Corning Board of REALTORS.
For more info, click here.

New York Fair Housing & Human Rights; Know the Law (3.5 Hrs. Appraiser CE)
May 13, 2010, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
October 13, 2010, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 

Save the date!
16th Annual Arthur G. McCartney Spring Appraisal Conference
May 27-28, 2010
Hilton Rye Town
Rye Brook, New York