General Safety:

  • All banquets and catering employees will be wearing face coverings and gloves.
  • Guests are NOT required to wear face coverings during food or beverage services. However, physical distancing requirements must be met.

Food Service:

  • All buffet and self-serve style events are suspended.
  • Turning Stone will provide flatware as roll-ups and condiments in individual packets or disinfected individual containers.
  • Turning Stone will individually plate and serve all food and beverages.
  • A Turning Stone employee will serve all coffee and other break items.
  • Individual bottled water will be provided. There will be NO water carafes or pitchers of water on meeting tables and at water stations.

Seating Plans:

  • Guests in banquets, conventions, and meetings are to be at 50 percent of the maximum occupancy of the room.
  • Turning Stone is revising proposed floor plans and layouts to ensure appropriate physical distancing of at least 6 feet between tables.
  • Turning Stone will limit all table seating to alternate seats.
  • There will be NO sharable candy or other food items on meeting tables.
  • There will be NO rearranging or reconfiguring of the tables or chairs.

Supplies and Equipment:

  • Turning Stone will disinfect all shared equipment and meeting amenities before and after each use. If unable to disinfect, they will use one-time use items.
  • Turning Stone will replace all linen, including underlays, after each use.
  • Turning Stone will no longer provide pens or pads of papers on tables.

Beverages and Bars:

  • Turning Stone servers will oversee all water service. There will be NO water carafes or pitchers of water for self-service.
  • Bartenders are required for all bar services.
  • Bartenders will provide guests with napkins, stirrers, and wrapped straws.
  • No items or displays will be on bar tops.


Measures to Restrict Distance Travel & Facilitate Contact Tracing:

  • Turning Stone will limit access to their gaming facilities to only guests traveling from within 120 miles of our properties.
  • Turning Stone will use the identification information they receive in the travel-verification process to facilitate contact tracing.
  • Turning Stone will require every guest to provide identification and/or TS Rewards card upon entering so that they can capture each guest’s information (name, address and date and time entering into a facility) to verify distance of travel.

Mandatory Face Coverings:

  • Turning Stone will mandate that 100 percent of our guests, vendors, and anyone else entering our facilities wear a face covering.
  • If a guest does not have a face covering, then one is available for purchase.

Hand Sanitizer:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at each guest entrance.
  • Turning Stone’s employees will ask guests and visitors to use the hand sanitizer when they enter the facility.

Transportation & Arrival:

  • All guests will enter Turning Stone through the main lobby at the Tower Hotel, the parking garage, the casino circle, or the bus entrance located by the Turning Stone Bingo Hall.
  • All other exterior guest entrances will be closed, including the entrances located at Exit 33 and the Turning Stone retail hallway.
  • Valet: All Turning Stone valet employees will be required to wear face coverings and gloves.
  • Bell Service: Turning Stone will assist with bell service and will disinfect the bell cart after each guest is done.


  • Turning Stone employees will disinfect the interior button panels and exterior buttons of all elevators at regular intervals, which will be at least once per hour.
  • NO more than four (4) guests to ride in an elevator car at a time.
  • Signage will be posted outside the elevators on every floor to explain the current disinfecting and social distancing procedures for all elevators.