What the net neutrality rollback means for REALTORS

Many real estate professionals and companies may now be at a disadvantage in delivering services to consumers online, as the Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal net neutrality rules. The move allows internet service providers to restrict the content its consumers see and implement pay-to-play policies, giving priority to content providers who pay a fee. For small-business owners, such as real estate agents and indie brokers, that could severely cripple their ability to reach a wider audience online.

“The FCC’s rollback of the Open Internet Order will mean higher costs and slower service for millions of American consumers and businesses,” Elizabeth Mendenhall, president of the National Association of REALTORS, said in a statement Thursday. “REALTORS have strong concerns about what that might mean for the way consumers search for homes online and real estate is transacted.”

The rollback will impact the majority of REALTORS, who operate small businesses with typically no more than two principals, Mendenhall noted. She vowed that NAR will fight to have net neutrality rules reinstated.

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