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HealthiestYou, a health and wellness delivery innovator, puts you in control of your healthcare by giving you 24/7 access to U.S. Board-certified physicians via phone, email or video who can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications. For as little as $9/month for individuals and families, you’ll have unlimited doctor consultations and access to their wellness platform. Designed to serve as an accessible and affordable complement to primary care, HealthiestYou will save you time, money, worry and hassle. 
No consultation fee, no waiting rooms, no co-pays - and do it all from an app!
Visit for more details or to enroll today. 

Life Line Screening

With this money-and potentially life-saving benefit, you have the opportunity to evaluate your risk for several of today's most critical - and often undiagnosed - healthcare conditions. Held in convenient neighborhood or corporate settings across New York State, Life Line Screening offers painless, non-invasive screenings for strokes, aneurysms and other vascular diseases.

The 4-screening stroke, vascular disease and heart rhythm package ($240 value) is available at special NYSAR pricing of $135. Keep in mind, these same tests would likely cost more than $1,000 at a hospital. 

Save 56% with Life Line Screening
Call 800.636.0248 or visit for more information. 

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