Weekly Report

Weekly Report for February 21, 2020

City of Kingston not eligible for rent control following vacancy study
A vacancy study has determined the city of Kingston is not eligible to opt into the state’s revised Emergency Tenant Protection Act. The city’s vacancy rate for rental units was determined to be 6.7 percent. In order for municipalities to enact local rent-stabilization laws and regulations, they must have a vacancy rate of less than 5 percent. NYSAR opposes the expansion of rent stabilization to municipalities outside of New York City and the metro area, such as the city of Kingston. Read more here.

State Code Council to maintain status quo on residential fire sprinklers
The State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council adopted a new Uniform Code which does not include any additional requirements to install residential fire sprinkler systems in one- and two-family homes or townhomes. The Code Council discussed expanding requirements last year. NYSAR submitted public comment urging the Code Council to maintain current requirements on residential fire sprinklers, citing that consumers are already free to decide whether or not to install them. The new Uniform and Energy Codes go into effect May 12, 2020. Find more information here.

Interview highlights from NAR’s Housing Affordability Forum
On February 6, NAR President Vince Malta welcomed over 300 government officials, academic experts and industry stakeholders to NAR’s Policy Forum in Washington D.C. to discuss housing affordability concerns and solutions in communities across the country. You can view video highlights from the forum here.

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