New York State 2020 Primary Election Summary

New York’s primary elections were held on June 23, 2020. For the first time in the State’s history, all eligible voters were permitted to vote by absentee ballot, after Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order in May. The State Board of Elections estimates that 1.7 million voters requested an absentee ballot. This is substantially larger than the 157,000 absentee ballots counted in 2016. As a result of this large uptick in absentee voters, final vote totals may not be known for several weeks.

In addition to the Democratic Presidential primary (won by presumptive nominee Joe Biden) and primary races for congressional and state legislative seats, a special election was held for the vacant 27th Congressional District in Western New York. At the state level, there are more than 30 open seats in the Legislature, with various elected officials stepping down, retiring, or running for other elected positions. At the federal level there are four open seats, including the 27th congressional district.

Although most incumbents won re-election, there were several incumbents ousted or being seriously challenged with absentee ballots outstanding. At the Congressional level, Eliot Engel lost his bid for re-election and Carolyn Maloney is in a close race with Suraj Patel. In the State Legislature, multiple Assemblymembers in New York City either lost to or trailed candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America. A DSA-backed candidate also won a primary for a Brooklyn State Senate Seat. The outcome of these New York City primary races will ultimately determine the winner of the November general election due to enrollment numbers within districts that skew heavily in favor of the Democrats.

Below you will find the results from several key races. For a complete list of primary election results, visit the State Board of Elections website.


In the race to fill this vacant seat, State Senator Chris Jacobs (R) defeated Nate McMurray (D) with 292 of 342 districts reporting. Jacobs also won the primary race held to determine the Republican candidate for the November general election.

Candidate Percent Votes
Chris Jacobs (R/I) 68.66% 51,551
Nate McMurray (D/WF) 28.70% 21,547
Michael Gammariello (GRE) 0.56% 424
Duane Whitmer (LBT) 1.13% 851



In the race to replace Congressman Pete King, Jackie Gordon (D) and Andrew Garbarino (R) were on their way to winning their primaries, with 369 out of 524 election districts reporting.

Democratic Primary

Candidate Percent Votes
Jackie Gordon 71.26% 7,310
Patricia Maher 24.65% 2,529

Republican Primary

Candidate Percent Votes
Andrew Garbarino 64.28% 5,749
Mike LiPietri 34.59% 3,094


CD-15 (Democratic Primary)

In the race to replace Jose Serrano, Ritchie Torres had a sizeable lead with all districts reporting.

Candidate Percent Votes
Ritchie Torres 29.44% 12,421
Tomas Ramos 2.53% 1,068
Samelyz Lopez 12.77% 5,377
Melissa Mark-Viverito 3.74% 1,579
Frangrell Basora 0.33% 139
Michael Blake 18.74% 7,905
Ruben Diaz Sr. 14.30% 1,632
Mark Escoffrey Bey 0.28% 117
Chivona Newsome 2.47% 1,041
Ydanis Rodriguez 11.02% 4,648
Julio Pabon 0.40% 170
Marlene Tapper 0.67% 284


CD-17 (Democratic Primary)

In the race to replace Nita Lowey, Mondaire Jones won with more than 40 percent of the vote.

Candidate Percent Votes
Mondaire Jones 42.66% 13,625
Catherine Parker 2.10% 670
Adam Schleifer 19.58% 6,253
Allison Fine 1.67% 533
Asha Castlebury 2.88% 921
David Buchwald 5.27% 1,683
Evelyn Farkas 8.64% 2,759
David Carlucci 12.39% 3,958



CD-10 (Democratic Primary)

House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler (D) fended off two primary opponents on his way to winning the primary.

Candidate Percent Votes
Jerrold Nadler 60.13% 19,411
Lindsey Boylan 24.43% 7,886
Jonathan Herzog 12.15% 3,923


CD-11 (Republican Primary)

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis won the primary in the race to take on Max Rose (D).

Candidate Percent Votes
Nicole Malliotakis 69.56% 12,952
Joseph Caldarerra 29.24% 5,444


CD-12 (Democratic Primary)

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney leads in a close race against Suraj Patel with all precincts reporting.

Candidate Percent Votes
Carolyn Maloney 40.34% 16,473
Suraj Patel 38.75% 15,825
Peter Harrison 4.73% 1,933
Lauren Ashcroft 12.90% 5,268


CD-14 (Democratic Primary)

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez easily won her primary.

Candidate Percent Votes
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 69.56% 27,460
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera 18.73% 7,393
Badrun Khan 5.17% 2,040
Samuel Sloan 2.36% 932


CD-16 (Democratic Primary)

Jamaal Bowman won the primary over incumbent Eliot Engel.

Candidate Percent Votes
Jamaal Bowman 60.76% 27,174
Eliot Engel 34.37% 15,372
Sammy Ravelo 1.10% 491
Chris Fink 1.49% 668
Andom Ghebreghiorgis 0.67% 300


CD-22 (Republican Primary)

With 452 of 484 precincts reporting, Claudia Tenney wins the primary, setting up a rematch against Anthony Brindisi (D) in November.

Candidate Percent Votes
Claudia Tenney 68.80% 15,515
George Phillips 30.06% 6,778


SD-1 (Democratic Primary)

Laura Ahearn holds a small lead over Valerie Cartright with all districts reporting. The winner will face Anthony Palumbo in November for the seat held by retiring Senator Ken LaValle.

Candidate Percent Votes
Laura Ahearn 29.69% 2,360
Valerie Cartright 26.67% 2,120
Nora Higgins 4.48% 356
Skyler Johnson 11.89% 945
Thomas Schiavoni 22.79% 1,812


SD-25 (Democratic Primary)

Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright lost to a candidate backed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), in the race for the seat held by retiring Senator Velmanette Montgomery.

Candidate Percent Votes
Tremaine Wright 38.85% 13,301
Jason Salmon 6.65% 2,278
Jabari Brisport 49.98% 17,113



Justin Sweet (D) and William Weber (R) will face off in November general election for the seat held by David Carlucci.

Democratic Primary

Candidate Percent Votes
Justin Sweet 39.08% 6,482
Elijah Reichlin-Melnick 27.70% 4,594
Eudson T. Francois 17.68% 2,933


Republican Primary

Candidate Percent Votes
William Weber 65% 2,771
Matthew Weinberg 30.49% 1,300


SD-56 (Democratic Primary)

Jeremy Cooney won the primary in the seat held by retiring Senator Joseph Robach. Cooney will face Mike Barry (R).

Candidate Percent Votes
Jeremy Cooney 41.47% 4,087
Sherita Traywick 26.93% 2,654
Hilda Rosario Escher 24.67% 2,431


SD-61 (Democratic Primary)

Kim Smith has a lead of fewer than 500 votes with 110 of 111 precincts reporting. The winner will face Ed Rath in November in a race to fill the seat vacated by retiring Senator Mike Ranzenhofer.

Candidate Percent Votes
Kim Smith 38.66% 3,418
Jacqualine Berger 33.34% 2,948
Joan Elizabeth Seamans 17.74% 1,569



AD-2 (Democratic Primary)

Laura Jens-Smith won the primary to face off against Jodi Giglio (R) in a seat being vacated by Anthony Palumbo, who is running for State Senate.

Candidate Percent Votes
Laura Jens-Smith 72.12% 1,772
Williams Schleisner 20.35% 500


AD-31 (Democratic Primary)

Khaleel Anderson won the primary for a seat vacated by Michele Titus.

Candidate Percent Votes
Richard David 26.39% 2,113
Lisa George 17.53% 1,404
Tavia Blakely 3.55% 284
Shea Uzoigwe 6.86% 549
Khaleel Anderson 36.07% 2,888
Derick DeFlorimonte 4.02% 322


AD-34 (Democratic Primary)

Incumbent Michael DenDekker lost the race to progressive candidate Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas.

Candidate Percent Votes
Michael DenDekker 20.87% 1,417
Nuala O’Doherty Naranjo 12.55% 852
Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas 37.03% 2,514
Angel Cruz 7.36% 500
Joy Chowdhury 13.89% 943


AD-36 (Democratic Primary)

Incumbent Aravella Simotas trails the DSA-backed Zohran Mamdani.

Candidate Percent Votes
Aravella Simotas 43.20% 3,639
Zohran Mamdani 50.19% 4,228


AD-38 (Democratic Primary)

Incumbent Michael Miller lost to Jenifer Rajkumar.

Candidate Percent Votes
Michael Miller 24.51% 1,300
Jenifer Rajkumar 49.47% 2,624
Joseph De Jesus 20.89% 1,108


AD-57 (Democratic Primary)

Incumbent Walter Mosley holds a lead of less than 600 votes over the DSA-backed Phara Souffrant Forrest, with all election districts reporting.

Candidate Percent Votes
Walter Mosley 49.80% 7,482
Phara Souffrant Forrest 45.89% 6,894


AD-64 (Republican Primary)

Michael Tannousis won the race and will compete for the seat vacated by Nicole Malliotakis.

Candidate Percent Votes
Marko Kepi 38.17% 1,942
Michael Tannousis 60.20% 3,063


AD-79 (Democratic Primary)

Chantel Jackson holds a slim lead over Cynthia Cox in a race for the seat held by Michael Blake, who ran for Congress.

Candidate Percent Votes
George Alvarez 16.58% 1,493
Chantel Jackson 24.67% 2,222
Cynthia Cox 22.01% 1,982
Eric Stevenson 12.25% 1,103
Elvis Santana 11.79% 1,062
Dion Powell 3.44% 310


AD-85 (Democratic Primary)

Kenneth Burgos won in the race for a seat held by Marcos Crespo, who vacated the seat.

Candidate Percent Votes
Kenneth Burgos 51.71% 3,541
William Russell Moore 34.54% 2,365


AD-91 (Democratic Primary)

Incumbent Steven Otis lost to Meg Cameron.

Candidate Percent Votes
Steven Otis 36.39% 1,438
Meg Cameron 50.32% 2,071


AD-92 (Democratic Primary)

Jennifer Anna Williams leads incumbent Thomas Abinanti in a close race.

Candidate Percent Votes
Jennifer Anna Williams 44.87% 2,464
Thomas Abinanti 40.11% 2,203


AD-93 (Democratic Primary)

In the primary to replace outgoing Assemblyman David Buchwald, Chris Burdick has a small lead over Kristen Browde.

Candidate Percent Votes
Jeremiah Frei-Pearson 19.39% 935
Mark Jaffe 6.37% 307
Chris Burdick 29.46% 1,421
Alex Roithmayr 8.85% 427
Kristen Browde 26.77% 1,291


AD-122 (Republican Primary)

In the primary to replace outgoing Assemblyman Clifford Crouch, Joe Angelino wins.

Candidate Percent Votes
Victor Furman 5.90% 371
Nicholas Libous 14.02% 882
Joe Angelino 73.76% 4,641
James Powers 4.82% 303


AD-124 (Republican Primary)

Incumbent Christopher Friend wins against REALTOR®, RC Ike.

Candidate Percent Votes
Christopher Friend 68.98% 3,810
RC Ike 26.38% 1,457


AD-125 (Democratic Primary)

Anna Kelles wins the primary for the seat held by retiring Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton.

Candidate Percent Votes
Jordan Lesser 14.91% 797
Anna Kelles 32.75% 1,751
Beau Harbin 4.90% 262
Jason Leifer 5.95% 318
Sujata Gibson 14.96% 800
Seph Murtaugh 19.47% 1,041
Lisa Hoeschele 3.74% 200


AD-131 (Republican Primary)

Jeff Gallahan wins the primary for the seat vacated by Brian Kolb.

Candidate Percent Votes
Ann Marie Heizman 7.36% 110
Cindy Wade 27.24% 407
Jeff Gallahan 42.30% 632
Jeff Shipley 20.88% 312


AD-136 (Democratic Primary)

Sarah Clarke wins the primary and will compete for the seat vacated by Jamie Romeo.

Candidate Percent Votes
Sarah Clarke 59.99% 3,847
Justin Wilcox 27.74% 1,779
Nelson Lopatin 5.19% 333


AD-137 (Democratic Primary)

In the race to replace outgoing Assemblyman David Gantt, Demond Meeks wins.

Candidate Percent Votes
Ernest Flagler 32.77% 2,248
Demond Meeks 45.22% 3,122
Ann Lewis 13.75% 943
Silvano Orsi 2.60% 178


AD-140 (Democratic Primary)

Kevin Stocker has a lead of less than 100 votes in the primary to fill the seat vacated by retiring Assemblyman Robin Schimminger.

Candidate Percent Votes
William Conrad III 46.89% 1,419
Kevin Stocker 48.84% 1,478