NYSAR Officer Candidate Endorsement Policy

NYSAR officer candidates should NOT contact certain individuals when seeking an endorsement for candidacy. Those who should not be contacted are; Nominating Committee members including alternates, NYSAR officers, NYSAR staff. Conversely, Nominating Committees members should not send endorsements on behalf of candidates. See the portion of the bylaws below that speaks to this matter.

  • NYSAR Officers, members of the NYSAR Nominating Committee including alternates and NYSAR staff, may not endorse any candidate for statewide office.
  • Candidates for office and/or a candidate’s representative(s) are prohibited from contacting NYSAR officers and members of the Nominating Committee including alternates with regards to promoting any candidacy.
  • Nominating Committee members including alternates should contact appropriate NYSAR staff and not contact candidates to discuss matters related to the nominating process. Nominating Committee members are permitted to discuss personal or unrelated association business with candidates.

Nominating Committee members and alternates, officers, and staff should not use social media to comment in a way that that could be considered promoting or endorsing a candidate-specific to their NYSAR officer candidacy. This would include, but is not limited to; liking, tweeting or commenting on a social media post related to a candidate’s candidacy.

If the Local Board/Association Executives plan a “Candidates Forum” during the NYSAR Mid-Winter Business Meeting and the Fall Business Meetings, it is perfectly within your rights to attend and participate in the forum. This would not be in violation of the aforementioned policy since it is an open forum that would mimic how the local boards/associations invite candidates to speak to their members and board of directors.

Please contact the staff with any questions:
Duncan MacKenzie, CEO – [email protected]
Anthony Gatto, Esq., Director of Legal Services – [email protected]
Ali Mann, Director of Governance – [email protected]