How to sell green

Long-term cost savings

A common misconception about green homes is that they cost more.  However, one of the biggest reasons a homebuyer would opt for a green home is the amount of money they actually do save in the long run. While the higher cost of building a green home is passed on to the buyer, the long-term savings outweigh the initial cost. In addition to the savings in utility bills, green homes are built with high-quality materials which make them more durable than a traditional home. This means the buyer will spend less money on repairs. Talk to buyers about the monetary value of going green.

Smart investment

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the market demand for green homes is continuously rising. In fact, they say by 2010, 40–50 percent of new homes are expected to be green. New York State offers tax credits to builders and developers who create green buildings, which will further contribute to this upward trend. Talk to your buyer about the benefits of investing in a green home as the value will increase in the future.

NYSAR also offers courses and designations that will assist you in incorporating green into your practice of real estate.