Fourth Quarter 2018


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Fourth Quarter 2018

Broker Not Responsible for Error on Listing
An interesting recent New York State Supreme Court case found that a corporate broker and its individual agents were not liable to purchasers in a deal where incorrect property taxes were put on the listing and on the deal sheet prepared by the listing broker.

Landlord Offering Alternative Accommodations Did Not Violate Fair Housing Act
United States Court of Appeals finds a landlord offering alternative housing accommodations to a disabled tenant’s requested accommodation was not a violating of the Fair Housing Act.

Supreme Court Find Brokerage Entitled to Commission Under Agreement
In a recent New York State Supreme Court case, a licensed real estate broker was awarded a real estate commission based upon the language in the brokerage agreement with its client, despite the fact that the broker was not involved in the specific transaction.

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Inspector Not Liable for Later Injuries
The Supreme Court of Tennessee affirmed a lower court ruling, finding that an inspector did not provide false information to an owner and was not liable for later injuries.

Broker Not Liable for Injuries
The Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, affirmed an earlier decision ruling in favor of a real estate brokerage that it was not liable for injuries suffered by the prospective buyers while visiting the property, finding that salesperson was an independent contractor and therefore not under the control of the firm.

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