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REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

The New York State Association of REALTORS® and its local member boards enforce the REALTORS® Code of Ethics for those individuals who hold REALTOR® membership or participate in a REALTOR® Multiple Listing Service in the state of New York. REALTOR® boards and associations do not enforce the real estate license laws and regulations the real estate licensee must also obey. It is the Code of Ethics that separates REALTORS® from other licensees, and we take enforcement of the Code very seriously.

There are two types of hearings: ethics (actions and words) and arbitrations (commission/business disputes). Alleged ethics violations can be filed by anyone (both REALTORS® and consumers). Hearing panels, made up of REALTORS®, have disciplinary powers that include continuing education requirements, letters of warning or reprimand, fines, suspensions, and termination from membership. A board or association of REALTORS® hearing panel may not take away a member’s real estate license.

The New York State Association of REALTORS® conducts annual training sessions in various regions of the state for Professional Standards and Arbitration hearing panel members.

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