Mastery Webinar Series

Friday Business Insider – Mastery Webinar Series – (Free to NYSAR members)

Friday, April 10 – Friday Business Insider – Mastery Webinar Series 
This webinar covers the CARES Stimulus Act Update for NYSAR with Chris Bird, CRS, and Dale Carlton, Jr., CRS.

You can view the recorded webinar HERE. For the .pdf of the PowerPoint presentation, click HERE.

Friday, April 17 – “Using the Pause to Pivot Your Business”
Adorna Carroll
All pivots in business begin with a pause – the time to create differentiation and to separate yourself from the rest; the time to reflect, reassess, and reinvent.  Join Adorna as she shows you how to use this time to position your business to reach the next level.

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

Friday, April 24 – “Four Critical Strategies to Prepare for the ‘Bounce’”
Verl Workman
Learn four critical strategies that will put every agent, broker, and team leader in a position to take advantage of the ‘bounce’ that will happen as COVID-19 subsides including:

  • Executing the basics well
  • Maintaining good mental and physical health
  • Becoming the master of virtual real estate
  • Being the light in a dark place

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

Friday, April 24 – “The Nuts & Bolts of Conducting a Virtual Showing”
Jeremias ‘JMan’ Maneiro

Join us for an in-depth tutorial about all of the different ways that you can conduct virtual showings and still be in compliance with ESD guidelines. If you’re not a “techie” or are new to video, this webinar is made for you! We will deconstruct the virtual showing and will re-create every scenario in which a home can be shown and provide you with all of the solutions in a simple and easy to understand way.

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

Friday, May 1, 1 pm – “Coronavirus Playbook: Building Your Business During Quarantine”
Terry Waggoner of the Boom Team Podcast
In this webinar, you’ll discover how to:

  • Cultivate an unstoppable mindset each day.
  • Use the best virtual solutions and maximize them in creative ways.
  • Build habits and routines to impact your business after the quarantine is over.
  • Manage finances wisely during this time.
  • Identify the activities you should focus on right now.
  • Build an action plan for the next 30 days.

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

You can view the webinar slides HERE.

You can view the “Coronavirus Playbook” .pdf  HERE.

Friday, May 8, 1 pm – “The Agent’s Guide to Sanity in a “Socially Distanced” World”
Darryl Davis
Discover how to stay positive in this emotionally challenging time. For most of us, managing the rapid change that is taking place daily in this business, our country, and our world feels a lot like building a plane while we’re flying it! That’s scary for almost anyone but knowing that every adversity comes with an equal or greater opportunity, brings hope. In this session, you’ll learn how to quiet the noise and distraction and leverage smart tools and creative solutions for turning breakdowns into breakthroughs.

If you need a dose of humor, compassion, motivation, and some solid tips – don’t miss a moment of this workshop!

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

Friday, May 8, 3 pm – “Next Level Virtual Agent”
Jeremias ‘JMan’ Maneiro
This is an in-depth tutorial about how to host online meetings or events with current or prospective clients, how to market them, how to provide instant resources using chatbots, and much more. You may be new to recording video or living in a virtual world but that doesn’t mean that you have to look like an amateur. JMan will teach you what you need to know in order to look and sound your best in order to exceed clients’ expectations and look like a PRO. You’ll explore tutorials on Zoom, and BElive.TV as well as get a list of the programs, apps, and equipment you can use to get the job done.

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

Friday, May 15, 1 pm – “Adapt or Evaporate”
Ifoma Pierre
We’re definitely in a unique period and it seems like the entire world is upside down. If you’re feeling stuck and need inspiration and direction in these challenging times, fasten your seat belt and get ready for a firehose of ideas in this fast-paced, energetic webinar presented by an International trainer, Ifoma Pierre.  Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • A strategy for exploding your Facebook Business page and getting as many as 5,000 likes overnight.
  • How to create informative videos daily without worrying about what to say.
  • How to conduct a seller webinar to build a list of ready-to-sell homeowners.

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

Friday, May 22, 1 pm – “How to Navigate Through This New Real Estate Reality”
Darryl Davis
Things are changing at what feels like the speed of light, and you might be struggling to adapt your mindset and skillsets fast enough to keep up. With humor, heart, and a healthy dose of a how-to tip, you’ll learn what you need to do now to:

  • Adapt to change with less fear and stress.
  • Stay focused and agile despite chaotic external circumstances.
  • Explain to buyers why now is the best time to buy real estate.

You’ll also learn the top five activities you should do now to generate business in the next 30 days and the best tools, apps, and strategies to adapt to a virtual world.  If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and tackle the new tools to thrive, don’t miss a minute of this session.

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

Friday, May 29, 1 pm – “Multiple Offers – Short and Simple”
Mike Smith
This one-hour live webinar will lay out the definitive concepts that agents will need to discuss with seller and buyer clients before you engage the market. Informed consent with sellers and reasonable expectations for buyers are part of the process, and there are firm guidelines for everyone if you know where to look. You’ll leave the class knowing how to plan with your clients, especially as the newly challenging market develops.

You can view the recorded webinar HERE.

Friday, June 5, 1pm – “How to Stay in Touch When You’re Not Supposed to be Touching”
Presented by Sean Carpenter

You’re invited to join national speaker Sean Carpenter for a fun, fast-paced discussion about the current real estate landscape and learn some simple systems to keep in touch with your clients, sphere of influence, and database during the Corona Virus Pandemic and help make sure you can implement Operation R-E-A-C-H 0-U-T in your local communities. Sean will remind you how you can still be building relationships, solving problems, and having a bit of fun…even if you’re being forced to do it virtually.

You can register for this webinar HERE.

Friday, June 12, 1pm – “Panning For Gold: Cultivating a Profitable Farm”
Presented by Ellen Boyle

Attendees will learn how to create and manage a profitable farm over the next 12 months and thereafter. They will learn tips, tricks and scripts to plant seeds for an abundant crop of clients and referrals. Learn the easy way to use these techniques that will grow their business and better their life.

Friday, June 19, 1pm – “Post-Pandemic Safety Measures for You and Your Clients”
Presented by Coni Meyers

How to keep yourself and your clients safe as your real estate business reopens (during and post-pandemic) and how to communicate your concern for health and safety to your potential clients.

Friday, June 26, 1pm – “Double Your Business in One Year”
Presented by Shay Hata

Want to double your business in one year? I’ll show you how in 4 years as a new agent I went from $130K in sales my first year to $7M my second year, $15M my third year and $25M my 4th year in a brand new city where I didn’t know a single person –  without cold calling or working expired listings. If I can do it, so can you and this class will teach you exactly how.