Business Tools

NYSAR offers the following business tools for use by local boards/associations:

NYSAR Graphics Standards Manual

NYSAR’s logo, with its six-house design, is a graphical representation both of NYSAR’s focus and the six main areas of member support: Government Affairs, Legal/Board & Member Services, Education, Member Perks, Information Resources and Technology. The house theme is representative of the real estate industry and symbolizes the protection that NYSAR provides to the members of this industry. The tagline “Your home for success.” speaks directly to our members, reminding them that NYSAR is here to help them achieve their goals. Together, the logo and tagline act as a powerful reminder – directly reflecting the energy and momentum that drive our organization every day.

To maintain consistency of the NYSAR brand, the Graphic Standards Manual was created. Adherence to these guidelines is integral to the maintenance of the NYSAR brand. Local boards/associations are invited to apply NYSAR’s graphic standards and use NYSAR logos when co-branding materials, such as promotions for professional development courses, on their websites, and on other materials as appropriate. If you have questions, feel free to contact Mark Myers at [email protected].

Education Resource Directory helps identify speakers, topics

To assist you in planning your educational offerings to your members, NYSAR has compiled a contact directory of speakers and their topics that have been used previously, either by a local board/association in New York State or by NYSAR. Click here to view the directory.

Zoom Tutorial

In these COVID-19 times, we all have to adapt to new ways of doing. We would like to offer this How To Zoom Manual as a support for those of you hosting or thinking of hosting classes online. Click here to view the manual.

Be prepared to respond to a potential disaster affecting your association

Create your own business continuity and disaster recovery plan using NYSAR’s plan as a model. NYSAR staff, in response to a strategic plan initiative, spent countless hours developing a comprehensive “NYSAR Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Plan” document that you can use as a template for your association. The plan covers the key areas that need to be addressed to protect employees and help you to recover from a catastrophic event affecting the operation of your association.

NYSAR standard member application

A NYSAR working group, comprised mainly of local association executives, developed a member application that NYSAR’s Member Services and Support Committee has approved as the standard form recommended for use by local associations.

In the process of developing the application, the working group considered local association data needs and the need to enhance the collection of member demographic data (e.g. areas of specialization, professional designations, etc.). Additional data will help us to better communicate relevant information to different segments and better serve member needs.

While NYSAR recommends that the application be used by local associations, it is not and cannot be required. You may need to revise the form in order to accommodate any items that specifically pertain to your board (e.g. The application does not separate membership by class type because NYSAR and NAR do not classify other than REALTOR® membership. If your board uses separate class types, then you will need to add this to the application.)

The application is now available here. If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Reilly at [email protected] or 518.463.0300 x205.

Qualtrics online survey application

NYSAR uses Qualtrics online survey application to conduct various online surveys throughout the year. As a benefit to New York local board/associations, NYSAR purchases four additional user seats that are available for free to local board/association staff to conduct their own online surveys. The user accounts are only available temporarily and on a first-come, first-served basis. When a new request for a user seat comes in, the account that has been dormant the longest will be deactivated to accommodate the new user. All users are encouraged to export their data and reports after their research project to ensure it isn’t lost if/when the account is deactivated.

Visit to learn more about the platform. If you’re interested in obtaining a user seat, please contact Scott Morlock, at [email protected] making note of the proposed start and end dates for your project.