Green Designation

NAR's sustainable property designation

If you’ve thought about getting familiar with the latest “green” technologies to serve a broader array of clients or if your clients seem to know more about “going green” than you do, now is the time to take advantage of NAR’s new and improved Green designation.

In order to qualify, you must be an NAR member, attend the entire multi-day course and submit your free application. Your first year’s Green Resource Council dues are free – a $98.50 value! Your second year Council dues is prorated from the month you are conferred with the designation. Starting on your third year, you will need to renew your membership annually at a cost of $98.50 per year.

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To maintain your Green designation, you will need to continue your Green Resource Council and NAR memberships. Green member benefits include online directory profile; customizable electronic presentations; exclusive industry webinars; monthly electronic newsletters; and at-home and online print shops.

Course Description:

NAR Green Designation: People, Planet, Prosperity

People, Property, Planet, Prosperity covers the distinguishing characteristics that make a high-performance home. The course looks at how consumer demand for these homes is increasing and provides a detailed accounting of how high-performance features work. The course prepares real estate professionals to provide advice and sources of information to help homeowners improve the performance of their homes—from low-cost fixes and DIY projects, to retrofitting and replacing systems, to big budget remodeling projects and new constructions.

Days 1 and 2 focus on the Resource-Efficient Home: Remodels, Retrofits, Renovations, and New-Home Construction. Days 3 and 4 will deal with Representing Buyers and Sellers of Resource-Efficient Homes.  Ultimately, this course will show you how to apply green knowledge to enhance your business while also helping to create a more sustainable, healthy world.

CE Credit: 13.25 hours
Cost: $295 members/$350 non-members

Upcoming 2024 classes: May 20-24

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